Monday, December 12, 2011

That Familiar Look

If previous experience is any indication, the "era of good feeling" associated with having been on vacation last week will be merely a memory by - approximately - 9:11 this morning. It is for that reason that my work day starts at 4:30 a.m. I might as well keep the dream alive for as long as possible; right?

The economy has ravaged every industry it seems and whether your collar is white or blue you have sweated through it too many times to count. Therefore, being busy is a very good thing. Having too much to do at times is not only nothing about which to complain, it certainly beats the alternative. A lot of good people have been put out of work these past few years. Musical chairs is a game that was mildly entertaining when we were children. As adults, not so much.

I absolutely enjoyed every moment of our week in the Florida sun. Happiness as a runner is being able to run outside every morning - at sunrise mind you - wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. Margaret's plan to return home on Saturday - as opposed to Sunday - was pure genius. Rather than return home on Sunday and immediately transition into "back to work" mode today, we had the chance to relax a bit on Sunday. I know not whether "sea legs" is a term that translates into other scenarios (such as acclimating back into one's day-to-day following a vacation) but Margaret's foresight in giving us Sunday to do just that was...well it was genius. No other term adequately describes it.

We spent Sunday doing a bit of Christmas shopping (no time like the 11th of December to start the process). We also infused the house with a bit of the Christmas spirit. Over the years we have accrued a lot of Christmas "treasures" (a/k/a "Christmas-themed crap that Adam has purchased at one store or another"). It has been several years since we put any of it up. It has - in large part - lost its appeal. This year shall not represent a reversal of that trend. Less is more once again at the Kenny home.

I am allergic to live Christmas trees. Twenty years ago - when Margaret and the kids spent their first Christmas in what we refer to as "the flood house" we purchased an artificial tree. My recollection is that we bought it at Bradlee's. Margaret's is that we purchased it at Caldor's. The receipt was resigned to history's dustbin many years ago - as coincidentally were both Bradlee's and Caldor's. Our sturdy little tree is now twenty years old. And while I suppose I am biased as to its beauty, I think it has not only withstood Time's ravages but that it has aged gracefully

Hell, I wish that these past twenty years had treated me as well. Our tree still has all its original coloring and does not look its age. Sadly, I cannot say the same for me....on either count.


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