Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saving Tillie

Before any fellow Springsteen fan happening past this space gets too excited, I am not talking about this one:

I am however speaking of this one:

Jess and Rob are now the proud adoptive parents of that beautiful little amalgam of fur, spunk and bones. Inasmuch as she was a shelter pup, inasmuch as they saved her and inasmuch as Rob is a longstanding Springsteen fan (the boy has taste....just sayin'), they have named the new addition to their lives....Tillie.

It is my bias soaking through to be sure but given her beautiful coat of black and her heart of gold, I think that young Tillie - although a canine - is the quintessential buffalo. Colorado Buffalo that is. And I am quite certain that Jess agrees with me. If you look in the general direction of Colorado as you read this and focus your eyes really hard, you can see her nodding her head in agreement. Or maybe she is waving. Although if she is waving, how come only finger on her hand is raised? Questions to ponder and mysteries to solve on another day.

Rob telephoned Tuesday night to let us know that he and Jess had formally adopted Tillie. The excitement in his voice was palpable. I am someone who considers himself to be a dog person so it was very cool to hear. Tillie is not going to make this trip East with her parents so it will be a little while before those of us here in the State of Concrete Gardens make her acquaintance person to pooch as it were. For present purposes, we shall do it via Kodachrome:

I hope that the three of them are taking the first few steps on a very happy journey. Jess and Rob "saved" Tillie to be sure. But if there is one thing that is a universal truth - or as close to such a thing as one can get - about people and pets is that the role of savior suits both quite well. Each rescues and is rescued by the other. A mutual aid society I suppose.

She marked our trail
Up the back bone ridge
How many times can one dog pee
She keeps me high as an eagle
When i'm on the skids
I guess you gotta come down eventually

Buddy i coulda gone that extra mile
For an extra bark or an extra smile
'Cause i never felt so free
It was just my dog and me

Then she gives me that look
Like she'd lay down her life
No doubt she would in a minute, man
She'd face the bullet
Oh she'd face the knife
Just to keep my butt from the fryin' pan

Now she's runnin' up ahead to chase some deer
Comes back to tell that coast is clear
It's a different world i see
When it's just my dog and me

There's a rabbit on the run
Man and beast ans sky and sun
Who's talking to the birds in the trees
Why its just my dog and me

Now it looks like we've been makin' tracks
From the crack of dawn
To the end of the day
So its nice and easy down the devil's back
She wouldn't know
Any other was

So its over that ridge for one last mile
'Til we're fast asleep by the fire side
Dreamin' these dreams for free
Just my dog and me

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