Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Laughing a Little Slower

Again, presuming that the calendar on the wall of my office is correct - and I offer this as neither an endorsement nor an indictment of the folks who put on the Spring Lake 5 annually but the calendar is their creation and not mine - today marks the end of Hanukkah. I hope that all of my friends in whose families Hanukkah is celebrated it has been a happy one, spent in the company of those with whom you wanted to spend it. I am singing "The Dreidel Song" as I write this and my Hanukkah gift to you on this - Day Eight of Eight - is NO link to an audio file of my warbling. No thanks necessary.

I do not pretend to know whether this winter shall be any better or worse than its 2010-11 predecessor. While there are many things every day that I deal with and about which I pretend to know something, the winter weather forecast is not among them. Sadly, neither is the stupefying - to me anyway - longevity of the Family Kardashian's Fame and Fortune Carpet Ride. The latter is in fact a far greater source of consternation than the former.

But I digress. My apologies.

My point (such as it is) regarding "Winter Upon Us" vs. "Winter Past" is that we are already incrementally ahead of the game. This time last year we were all digging out from the Great Boxing Day Blizzard of 2010. Yesterday, it rained. While last winter (and the one that preceded it if memory serves)Mother Nature kicked us in our boys so hard and so often all winter that by early March it felt as if we were walking through our day-to-day with a couple of peach pits embedded in our jaws that I want to do and say nothing that could be interpreted as taunting far, so good. The only precipitation in the forecast through year's end is rain. I am neither a farmer nor a duck. Thus I have less use for large amounts of rain than either of the aforementioned. But as my great-grandpappy Phineas was quite fond of saying, "It beats the snot out of snow!"

Quite a wordsmith he was. In case you have ever wondered where I get it from, you can now move on to the next of your life's great Unsolved Mysteries....

....and turn the page on one more day up in the canyon.


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