Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Justice is In

This past weekend we the people of the State of New Jersey put the final bow on the 2011 high school football season. Included among the 1159 squads that earned "Sectional State Championships" were the Patriots of Wayne Hills. Wayne Hills rallied from a 12-0 halftime deficit to defeat Old Tappan 15-12 on a touchdown in game's final couple of minutes. The kids from Wayne Hills won without "The Wayne Hills Nine". Well done and well-earned. Perhaps now the Wayne Board of Education can cancel the Continuing Adult Education Winter Session lecture series, "Is Isn't Paranoia When Everyone Really Is Out To Get Me"? They might want to keep it on the calendar. Never can be too careful. Right?

A bit further south on Saturday night - on the turf at Rutgers Stadium - the kids from Matawan High School sprung a bit of an upset and captured their very own sectional title. Matawan defeated the kids from Springsteen's adopted hometown 3-0 and did so without its quintet of wayward boys, suspended not by their local school board but by their Head Coach for some as-of-yet undisclosed (publicly anyway) transgression. Congratulations to the kids from Matawan and to their parents who, unlike their neighbors to the north in Passaic County, kept their mouths shut when their sons received punishment that they had apparently earned.

And on the subject of receiving punishment that had been well-earned, no discussion of the weekend's events would be complete without mentioning the beat down Miguel Cotto put on Antonio Margarito in their fight at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Margarito is a cheater of the highest order in boxing. He was caught prior to a fight against Shane Mosley a couple of years ago illegally wrapping his hands pre-fight (packing on more wrapping to enhance the "shwallop" effect of each punch). Given that his fight against Mosley took place roughly one year after Margarito had inflicted a brutal beating on Cotto in their first fight, Cotto has repeatedly stated since that he believes Margarito cheated the first time around.

Cotto sought no recourse in our civil justice system. He simply continued to fight. As did Margarito. Eventually they found their way back to one another. And when they did, Cotto administered a form of retribution far more severe than anything that would have happened in a courtroom. It has been said that revenge is a dish best served cold. The first Saturday night of December in New York City proved to be precisely cold enough.


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