Friday, December 9, 2011

Chillin' in the Florida Sun

We are now just two full weeks from Christmas. I must confess that having spent This week in Florida it has not felt a great deal like Christmas, at least in terms of temperature. Florida is neat in that although the folks who live here presumably are here at.least as an expression of their lack of affinity for snow, they go to extraordinary lengths to incorporate the notion of snow into their Christmas celebrations. Funny stuff in a sweetly corny kind of way.

We shall make our journey home tomorrow, which means that for the first time in four years I will not be running in the Big Chill 5K race in New Brunswick. If you are a runer and can be in New Brunswick tomorrow morning bright and early, then grab your shoes and get over there. The entry fee? An unwrapped toy for a needy child. If not for children then who is Chistmas for? Figure it out on the way to the College Avenue Gym.

You shall be happy you did.


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