Thursday, December 15, 2011

beat the BULLY to a PULP IT....

Proof that two separate and distinct half-assed, full-throated endeavors of hate - when combined - do indeed add up to a complete ASS(W)HOLE are brought to us once again this morning courtesy of the mouth-breeding miscreantic sheep who follow the teachings of Fred Phelps and the Wasteboro Bastards Church.

As a much younger man I was fairly chock full of hate. In retrospect I have come to understand that spending most of my days and nights chock full of liquor contributed mightily to my generally anti-social bent. As I have aged, apathy has replaced anger in large part. There are of course now - as there were then - a number of persons and things for which I have a deep-seated love. However, over time the list of people and things I hate has been pared down considerably, many of its members having defected to the list of things about which I simply do not give a rat's ass.

Not everything has made that transition. Perhaps it is because the line of duty killing of a NYPD Police Officer has been splashed across the newspaper front pages and television sets in the New York metropolitan area these past several days and perhaps because his death hits a bit closer to home than I typically permit myself to think, but I find myself particularly filled with venom this morning about the events at which Phelps and his hate-mongering disciples intend to occupy themselves on this day, less than one week to the start of Hanukkah and ten days from Christmas. Then again, considering what an assemblage of human deritus Freddie and his followers are, neither recent events nor the time of year may have a damn thing to do with it.

At some point in time while you are reading this piece the thought shall likely occur to you that Phelps and his cronies have the legal right to do what it is they do, which is show up to protest at funerals of servicemen and servicewomen killed in combat, law enforcement officers and public figures such was Steve Jobs and Elizabeth Edwards. The Supreme Court of the United States said so earlier this year. I am an attorney. I not only recognize the authority of the SCOTUS, I am a member of its Bar and have been for more than eleven years.

The mere fact that something is legal neither makes it (a) right; nor (b) something that good, upstanding members of society should tolerate meekly. Legality aside, Phelps is a bully. Nothing more. Nothing less. His followers share that singular characteristic with their leader. It is abject foolishness to stake out a position that the best way to deal with a bully is to ignore him. A bully ignored shall not go away. He shall advance. He shall continue to take liberties with and from those who lack the courage to make him stand down. Do not believe me? Stop reading this and read this. Once you have read the latter, come back here if you wish. I shall still be here.

This morning the pricks of misery who call themselves the Wasteboro Bastards Church intend to assert their Constitutional right to assemble and express themselves on their home turf in Kansas. This morning a memorial service shall be held at Benedictine College in Atchinson, Kansas for a police officer. Sgt. David Enzbrenner was killed in the line of duty last Friday morning while serving a warrant. This morning, the WBC bunch shall picket Sgt. Enzbrenner's memorial service. If for even a moment you harbor the delusion that they have a legitimate reason for doing so, then avail yourself of a review of their declared basis for doing it.

This afternoon, a contingent of WBC imbeciles shall congregate at one of this nation's most sacred places, Arlington National Cemetery, in order to picket the service for Army Sgt. 1st Class Johnathan B. McCain. Sgt. McCain was killed in action in Afghanistan. He died on November 13 from injuries sustained when he encountered an IED while on patrol. McCain was 38 years old. He first enlisted in the Army in 1992. The WBC press release announcing the group's intention to appear today at Arlington closes with this salutation, "THANK GOD FOR IEDs".

While it would be satisfying on a visceral level for those assembled to pay their respects to the fallen and to express support for their families to simply set upon the WBC jagoffs and assail them physically, doing so would in fact play right into the WBC's warped little hands. And it would put law enforcement in the wholly unwelcome position of having to arrest those who were doing the assailing. After all, WBC does have the Constitutional right to picket.

They do not however have the Constitutional right to be seen or heard by the family whose loss is the subject of the service. Today at Benedictine College and Arlington National Cemetery alike, those who are able to get there - whether they have a connection to the deceased or not - should get there and should peacefully assemble. Their peaceful assembly should take place at a point between the WBC crew and those attending the service so that the family who has already suffered so much shall not be required to suffer the indignity of having this day besmirched by these assholes. Assemble in a location and in such a manner that the effect the WBC hopes to have on these services is blunted in its entirety. And your efforts are precisely the efforts that should without exception be duplicated in each and every place where Phelps' whelps attempt to sow their particular brand of hate.

I am not a religious man. However if I were, the Reverend whose teaching I would follow is most assuredly not Freddie Phelps. It is the late, great Robert Marley....

Get up! Stand up!


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