Monday, December 5, 2011

The Annexation of Puerto Rico

Time passes so quickly that Suz has been a Texan for a week already. Holy smokes. It is still so eerily quiet around the house that I wonder if and when I shall get used to it. I suppose I shall. It's like the song says, "You get used to anything. Sooner or later it just becomes your life."

It is a bit easier to take this week as not only is Suz not home. Neither are Margaret and I. More than a tad odd to wake up on a Monday morning AND not have to go to work. I could get used to it I suppose. Another thirty years or so and perhaps I shall have the opportunity to test my enthusiasm for it. Perhaps.

As we were in "pre-trip" mode on Saturday night I stumbled across a rather silly movie from a lifetime ago. "Little Giants" with Ed O'Neill and Rick Moranis was a moderate hit in the mid-1990's. I smiled when I flipped to the channel it was on because it made me smile. It focuses in large part on the relationships between kids, including those who comprise the rosters of the 'have' and the 'have not' pee-wee football teams. I remember first seeing it what seems now like a million years ago. A time when our kids were the same age as those on the screen.

The thing that separates real-life from make believe is that the latter is formulaic. The former rarely is. Time and again it is nice to get lost in the formulaic - even if just for ninety minutes or so.


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