Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Across A Smooth Surface

This year for the first time in at least the past twenty years, Christmas Eve at 113 Howard Avenue was a subterranean affair. Family size (as well as the size of certain of the family's component parts) necessitated it. Less than an hour after the festivities started, I wondered why we had not simply always done it. And I sensed that I was not alone in my enthusiasm.

Once upon a lifetime ago, all of Joe and Suzy B's grandchildren were...well - children. Time passes. Children grow. This year Megan (Frank's oldest) and her husband Adam brought Joe's first great-grandchildren to the party. Halle and Nicholas celebrated their first Christmas Eve. A whole new generation representing. Great stuff.

And as the family grows vertically, it grows horizontally. Not only did Rob come home from Colorado for Christmas, Jess came with him. Tillie did not. Suz came home from Houston and of course Ryan was with her. It was the first Christmas Eve for each of them too. And while we did not know it on Saturday night, by the time Christmas weekend ended the cornerstone had been set on another familial horizontal expansion. Nicole (Frank's second oldest) and Jason got engaged on Christmas Day.

The poem says, "And to all a good night." This year it most certainly was.

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