Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seeing Waddy in the Rattlesnake Cafe

First things first. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. Jackie MacLean and her W-H Varsity Girls Soccer Team shall play against Mater Dei in the NJSIAA Sectional Final for the Non-Public South B title. My admiration of Coach MacLean and the young ladies in her program is well-documented in this space. They go about their business on and off of the pitch that is a source of pride to their families and friends and to W-H alums everywhere. They have had one helluva season. Good luck to them this evening and congratulations on a fantastic year.

I will not be in Holmdel to watch them play Mater Dei. Today is "I Wanna Be Like Horace Greeley When I Grow Up" Day in the Kenny household. In fact, that is a lie. I know not whether such a Day exists but I know that we do not celebrate it. I apologize for my telling of tales.

It is however the day on which the Missus and I travel least as far as Colorado. We are off to spend a couple of days in some of the nicest country in these United States, including some quality time in Fort Collins with Rob and the lovely Jess and some time in and around the ol' Alma mater in Boulder. Happiness is a slice of Abo's Pizza - from the Abo's on the Hill in Boulder. I anticipate making time to get happy while I am within the jurisdictional confines of my one-time home.

Saturday afternoon I shall no doubt test the patience of Margaret, Rob and Jess simultaneously by requiring them to accompany me to Folsom to watch the scrappy Buffs close out the home portion of their '11 schedule. It has been a long, long autumn for the home team. That will change Saturday. The Buffs have never lost when Margaret has been in attendance. A cynic might be constrained to point out that she has in fact only seen them play live on one occasion. A cynic might be further constrained to point out that the one occasion in question was ten years ago. To the cynic I say, "Who the hell asked you?"

And more importantly I say, "It's an opportunity to spend a Saturday afternoon in Boulder watching my Buffs with Rob, which is a damn fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon." Our team might be down this year but our mascot will stomp the sh*t out of any other mascot in college football:

Off we go. The last time I flew Continental they lost my luggage. Here is to hoping that Margaret makes it safely out and back without them somehow losing her on me. Thankfully, she is small enough to fit into the overhead compartment so I am taking her on the plane with me.....

LeRoy says there is something you should know
Not everybody has a place to go.
And home is just a place to hang your head
And dream of things to do in Denver when you're dead

....and while it is likely not a segue that shall bring a smile to her face, one final thing before I go today: Happy Birthday to my running companera Gidg. It delights me to no end that she is my "older" friend - by a grand total of eighty-five (85) days. Today is a milestone birthday for her as it is one that once upon a time (way back when she was young) was as associated with music as it was with age. Alas, the mp3, the CD and the DAT have rendered the 45 rpm obsolete. Not to worry though Gidg. Today also signals your membership into a new club for race purposes: Females 45 to 49. Way to go Newbie!


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