Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday in 'Squan

This time next week Margaret and I shall spend the day saying goodbye to Suzanne. Yesterday, the three of us spent a simply fantastic day together in Manasquan. Suz and I ran in the Turkey Trot. It was held - as it has been for a number of years - on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Yesterday marked the third time I have participated in it.

Next Saturday will not be a banner day in our home for the Missus and me. While Margaret and I are happy for Suz and hope Texas is even better to her than she hopes it shall be, it would be untrue to say that we are looking forward to her move. This time next week, ours shall be an empty nest.

Yesterday Suz and I ran the five-mile route through the streets of Manasquan accompanied by 2,000 or so other runners. Afterwards, the three of us joined Gidg, Lynne and other members of the Family Kizis, Carolyn and Ryan and various and sundry other folks for a post-race celebration at Leggett's. On a simply beautiful, sunny, fifty-plus degree November day, we had a wonderful time. Manasquan is a great place to run. People lined the street for most of the course, including the folks who had the beer stop in their driveway shortly after we passed the 3 mile mark. It is always great when you are running in a race to see and hear people on the side of the course waving, clapping and cheering. It is energizing.

Not only was yesterday Suz's maiden voyage in the Turkey Trot, it marked her maiden voyage at the five-mile distance. She did a great job. And she did so at a less than eleven minute mile pace. Gidg ran her best time ever in this event. Gidg's niece, Liv, who is all of thirteen ran her personal best for five miles by close to five minutes. Even this old man did something that I had never done before in a five-mile race. I broke the 40 minute barrier.

Hell of a way to spend a Saturday.


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