Monday, November 28, 2011

The Running of the Turkeys

I spent the early part of Thanksgiving in Green Brook, running in an inaugural 5K Turkey Trot. We had an unseasonably warm Thanksgiving weekend in the State of Concrete Gardens. That unseasonable weather did not roll in until the middle part of the day on Thursday. When the gun sounded to start the race Thursday morning at a touch or two past 8:00 a.m. it was not visions of sugar plums that were dancing in the air in front of me. It was my own breath.

As is the case with any "first-ever" event there were wrinkles that one hopes the folks who put on this Trot iron out by Turkey Day 2012. Wrinkles notwithstanding, it was a very nice event. And given that I spent more time running (a touch more than 25 minutes) than I did getting back and forth to the event, if there is a 2nd annual edition - and we are still living 'NTSG this time next year then I shall look forward to taking part in it. If you live in the Green Brook area and you are a runner who shall be home for Thanksgiving next year, then check this event out. A worthwhile way to spend a small slice of one's Thanksgiving Day. Eased the guilt associated with that slice of pumpkin pie as well.

Margaret and I ate Thanksgiving dinner with Joe at his house. The three of us watched the Packers-Lions game on FOX. The best part of the game? Certainly not the absurd cheap shot that Lions star defender Suh took that resulted in his ejection from the game. It was Pam Oliver's piece on the pre-game show on Packers receiver James Jones. I had no idea who he was before watching the piece. I think I shall root for him for the remainder of his career after seeing it. A remarkable story. And one that was well told.


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