Saturday, November 26, 2011

One More Sleep

It hit me yesterday afternoon. The fact that Suzanne is moving to Texas tomorrow. Up until yesterday afternoon it was something of a conversation item. Something to talk about. It existed only in the deepest corners of my mind. Not in the forefront of it.

All of that changed yesterday afternoon. I spent about thirty minutes - ably assisted by the Missus - packing Suz's car. About halfway through the process it occurred to me that what I was doing was not simply packing her car. I was making her life transportable. All of it - but for Ryan and her - is now neatly stored within the cozy confines of her trusty little Dodge Neon, at rest in our garage. It awaits the commencement of the great migration southwest. It is now only twenty-four hours away.

Our kids grew up in a household where their mother taught them to measure things in terms of "sleeps". Suz has lived a lifetime's worth of sleeps under our roof - including the past eleven-plus years' worth in her room at the top of the stairs. Tonight shall be her final sleep at least for the foreseeable future. Quite possibly forever.

In my head, I have been prepared for this day for years. Now that it has arrived on my doorstep I realize that I am woefully unprepared for it. But I also realize that whether I am matters not at all. All that matters is that the formerly little girl who grew to adulthood under her mother's watchful eye is ready. And she is.

One more sleep.


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