Monday, November 21, 2011

Lessons Taught and Learned

A portion of yesterday at our house was spent yesterday in a sacred exercise. This time next week Suzanne shall be Texas-bound. At some point after she arrives in Texas and sets up her home, no doubt a Sunday shall arrive when Suz continues the finest of family traditions: Sunday macaroni. During the course of the past several years - as she has flirted with the idea of moving from home to one location or another - she had discussed with Margaret on more than one occasion doing precisely what they did yesterday.

Yesterday was the day on which Margaret revealed to Suz the "secret of the sauce". I stayed out of the way while the "how to" session took place. I did get to hear the sounds of questions being asked, answers being given and laughter being shared.

Fortunately I was among the quartet who got to test the fruits of their labor. Suzanne proved to be a quick study. Given her track record for learning, not really much of a surprise there. None of us made mention of the fact that last night's dinner was not simply symbolic but also more than a tad bittersweet. Left unspoken was now that the lesson had been learned, Suz was ready to take it on the road with her to Texas.

I have only been to Texas one time in my life. I was not there long enough to know just how well-developed the Eye-Talian population is (and I was in Dallas which is a considerable distance from Houston) so in an effort to ensure that my young chef can replicate in the Lone Star State the kitchen magic she pulled off here in the State of Concrete Gardens, I did a bit of 21st Century detective work. Even if she is unable to locate Tuttorosso tomatoes anywhere in the greater Houston area, we can bring the "old country" to her. Man, do I love the Internet.

Although not as much as I love Sunday macaroni and sauce. I have a hunch that Texas is going to learn to love it as much as I do.....

....and the chef as well.


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