Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Latest in the Series

No time passes more slowly than the time between when you decide to do something to which you are looking forward very much and its arrival. No time passes more quickly than the time spent between the commencement of that much-anticipated activity and its conclusion. This morning, after an eyeblink - or perhaps two - the Missus and I fly home from Colorado.

It was - as it always is - great to see Rob. The parent/adult child relationship was/is uncharted territory for me. My father died when I was fourteen. We were at best adversaries and at worst enemies who shared a roof atop our heads and a mailing address. He died before we ever made it to the next phase of our relationship. I know not what kind of relationship we would have had but for his death. Candidly, I have never given much thought to it. Has always struck me as an exercise in wasting time. Still does.

Given geographic limitations and the other limitations that pop up in everyone's day-to-day, I neither see Rob nor talk to him daily. In an odd way I think that is good for both of us. Among the many modern devices I loathe is the telephone. I do not enjoy using it to communicate with anyone. While I know not how chatty he is with anyone else on the phone, when it comes to our infrequent conversations via AGB's pride and joy, Rob is equally close-mouthed. I can spend a day or two in his company and talk with him non-stop about any number of things. I have no explanation as to the level of disconnect between one type of conversation and the other. It is what it is. I seek no explanation for it.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself these past few days. Boulder, Colorado is - and shall forever be - one of my favorite places on the planet. I smile at the mere mention of its name. I was a bit disappointed that when first Suz and then Rob went through the college selection process neither had any interest in migrating west to CU. Suz did apply there solely to make me happy. I still have her acceptance letter.

With neither of my kids wanting to go to college that far away from home, I presumed that the window of opportunity for me to return to Boulder had closed forever. Courtesy of Rob's work, it had not. I did wonder for a moment yesterday afternoon as we sat at Folsom watching the Buffs play Arizona and then again last night as we walked down Pearl Street whether I was seeing this place I love for the last time.

Rob's next work adventure may be just around the corner and it - when it commences - may take him miles away from Boulder. He is my connection now to this place. My tent peg as it were. I love the place and shall forever do so. But as I have grown older and my son has grown to be a man, I have come to realize that I enjoy the trips to Boulder now so much not because of it. I enjoy them so much because of him.

And wherever he is and wherever he goes, I shall enjoy any trip I get the chance to make there for precisely the same reason.

That is another story for another day however. As Mr. Joel once crooned, "Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again."

See you soon Rob. Til then, stay safe and be well.


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