Friday, November 4, 2011

Cover Girl

I know not how I will spend my Saturday this week without a Buffs game - complete with a brutally lopsided final score - to get me through the day. This week's beatdown arrives a day early. USC invades Boulder tonight. Methinks the Trojans will be less than pleased, coming off their triple OT loss to the Cardinal of Stanford. The good news is that it is a night game. I will be sound asleep by halftime. Based upon how the month of October went for Ralphie's charges, the game will likely be over long before then.

With no important football to clog up one's Saturday afternoon (Rutgers plays at home tomorrow night at 7:00 o'clock), there is nothing in the world preventing one (or in a perfect world many, many more than one) from walking/running/hopping to the local newsstand (or wherever magazines for really smart people are sold) to pick up a copy of the latest issue of "advance for speech language pathologists and audiologists". You will know it as soon as you see it. It is the Annual Geriatrics Edition:

Its cover story (Oral Care Protocol) is Suzanne's work. It is her first published piece in such a scholarly journal. In the interests of full disclosure, it is her first such effort and considering she has been a member of this particular field for about a year and a half, I would say she is doing quite well.

My "kid" (I know she is not such a thing any longer but humor me OK, she is moving half a continent away in a few weeks and I am taking up residence in my favorite state - denial) is having one helluva couple of weeks. She is bright as hell and she works damn hard. This success is hers. She earned it. For my money, the timing of this could not be better. As she moves from a place where she is a great, well-known quantity to one where she is an eagerly anticipated, unknown one, she carries with her an impressive set of bona fides. Success will still have to be earned, which she knows. But if you had to have something to serve as an introduction, getting something published is not a bad way to go about it.

I am a lucky person. I made out far better in the whole "marriage/family" game of chance than I ever deserved. Margaret is without equal and Suz and Rob are - in terms of the "good stuff", the intangible qualities that make the difference in one's life - every inch their mother's children. The three of them were a dynamic unit when the latter two were - in fact - children. Me? I did my part by making sure there was enough money to pay the bills that needed to be paid (at least once I stopped practicing law at the financial vortex located at 705 Park Avenue) and by driving the car when we needed to be someplace.

And I look up now - as the Missus and I prepare to spend a few days next week in Colorado with Rob and a couple of far-too-short weeks later we prepare to bid Suz a safe journey and much happiness in Texas - and I am amazed at the places they have gone. And the ones whey they shall go in the days and years ahead. Margaret was an excellent teacher. Suz and Rob learned their lessons well.

I am enough of a dork that on Wednesday - when the journal's web site put a copy of the edition in which Suz's article appears as the cover story - I pulled it up on my computer solely so I could take a picture of it as it appeared on my screen:

(I am compelled to point out that on-line one gets not simply the cover art but also a nice blurb about the author)

One of my old friends - Dave Lackland - is about to become a father for the first time. He is beyond excited. Inasmuch as he is about to take his first steps in this gig, his excitement is properly focused on the "this little human is my child" part of the parenting process. Wait until he gets into it. He shall come to realize what I hope all of us who are fathers realize for ourselves. The gig gets better and better....

....come hell or water high.


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