Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Caps and Big Finishes

Happy 11/12th Day! What? You did not realize that today was yet another in the seemingly eternal parade of made up, pseudo holidays? In fact is is not although it could be. If you wander through a Hallmark store next autumn and happen to see cards celebrating "HAPPY 11/12TH DAY 2012!" on a shelf, throw a shout-out my direction. And send me an e-mail to let me know the name of the store and its location. I shall be suing those bastards for stealing my idea.

The absence of a formal, designated holiday to honor November's end notwithstanding it is nevertheless a bit frightening to me that mere moments after I finally remembered to write 2011 and not 2010 on correspondence and such, 2011 has rounded the clubhouse turn and is churning down the homestretch. In an eye blink 2012 will be upon us. And lucky us - we the people of these United States - for 2012 will bring with it the pure unadulterated joy that is a Presidential election. I thought that dreadful John Cusack flick of a couple of years ago was a work of fiction. Turns out it was actually a documentary.

A lot has happened in my little corner of the world this year. 2011 has been unique in certain respects. It has of course also shared certain characteristics with its brothers in arms that went before it. It is comprised of the same core ingredient after all: time. An ingredient although equally distributed across the year's component parts - its days - that always seems to grow scarcer as the year grows shorter.

Time. It is said that it waits for no one. It is also rumored to heal all wounds. I believe fervently in the former but not so much in the latter. If you do not believe me about its elixir-like abilities, then ask Joe Kapp.

Just be sure to ask him nicely.


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