Monday, November 14, 2011

Air Travail

A Monday that follows on the heels of a shortened work week seems especially cruel. One that follows a great vacation seems doubly so. I will try to keep my "back to work and less than happy about it" mojo to myself today. After all when you are the one returning to the office on Monday after not simply a weekend but an extended one at that, your fellow workers are less than sympathetic to your angst. And with good reason.

Yesterday was a bit of a dead day for the Missus and me. We headed down from Boulder to Denver early in the morning in order to catch our 10:15 flight to Newark. Our flight was - as they say in the trade - "oversold". The good news was that Continental found enough people who were willing to give up their seat on the flight in exchange for a travel voucher. The bad news was that every one of the flight's seats was occupied.

Among the occupied seats was the one in which young Spence was seated. Spence was on the plane with his big sister and his parents. Spence, as we all found out while sitting on the tarmac at DIA awaiting takeoff, is two. And young Spence has - as we all do - his list of favorite things. While I know not what items are on his, I learned right quick what is not. Flying. When - at some point over Ohio - Spence finally screamed himself into exhaustion we all smartly resisted the temptation to cheer. It was tough but we pulled it off....

....kudos to his mom and dad for setting an example all of us were happy to follow.


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