Monday, October 3, 2011

Tickled Pink

Yesterday was a very good day. For the second consecutive Sunday, we spent time engaged in something simply terrific. This was our third consecutive go-round in the Central and South Jersey Race for the Cure, which was held for (I think) the 18th consecutive time at Great Adventure. Thanks in large part to Kara's recruitment efforts, our roster this year was an all-time high number: 26. It is always good to see Kara, Russ and my little dude godson Jordan - all of whom ran yesterday. As a bonus, Russ's brother Garry, his wife Laura and their two sons joined the Crew. They were all making their maiden voyage - as was another of Kara's friends, Beth.

In addition to the expanded version of the family Forsythe, first-time participants for the Crew this year included Margaret's friend Annette. Annette was - to my knowledge - the first "survivor" who has been on our roster. The Race does - as it should - a tremendous job of honoring the women and men who have danced their own dance with this insidious disease. While I did not ask her about it at length, it appeared to me from where I was that Annette really enjoyed and appreciated the way in which the Race honored her.

Among the neat things that we did post-Race yesterday was examine side-by-side the evolution of our Crew race shirts:

and in so doing we were reminded of something that I think we kinda, sorta already knew:

We have made something good out of a singular, heartwrenching event. Sue's Crew grew out of the death of my mother-in-law in June 2009. I suspect that every October since, at or about the mid-point of the initial Sunday, she looks down upon those she left here and she smiles. She did good. And again this year we did that which was necessary to hold up our end.

Thanks Suzy B.


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