Monday, October 10, 2011

Survival Sunday

A bit less than six months ago, I ran in the New Jersey Marathon. It was not a fun day. Albeit it was one for which I had rather vigorously prepared. I embarked on a training program sixteen weeks before race day and between day one of the training program and race day I logged a lot of miles. Those miles included a number of long training runs as long as twenty miles.

Yesterday I ran in the LBI Run. A jaunt from the southern tip of LBI, which is Holgate, to the northern tip, which is Barnegat State Park. A hell of a lot of ground in between. Eighteen miles to be exact. On an October Sunday on which the actual temperature was twenty-plus degrees north of normal, it was not an easy eighteen miles. In hindsight, having not run more than five miles one time since the Marathon was probably not the smartest way to prepare.

But slightly more than three hours and ten minutes after I started (Gidg made it home approximately twenty five minutes later), the journey was complete. While I know not whether it is something I will sign up to do again, it was quite a cool experience. And having survived it, I will have to think long and hard about doing it again.


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