Friday, October 21, 2011

The Stars at Night are Big & Bright

....and soon it appears the older of the two adult/former children of mine shall be sleeping under them. Well, with a roof between her and them of course but be a good lad and resist the temptation to screw up my metaphor; OK? Thank you very much.

Proving that although their governor is "All Hat and No Cattle" not everyone in the Lone Star State needs ye olde "checkup from the neck up". It took the good people with whom Suz interviewed on Wednesday less than 24 hours to offer her the job she went to Houston to get. I presume that there was internal debate among their decision-making hierarchy whether to wait until her plane actually landed in California (where she is enjoying a well-earned vacation) before making her a formal offer. No sense appearing too eager I reckon. Other than ruminating over when to make it, the decision to offer the best candidate they shall ever interview for any gig was probably the easiest they have ever had to make - and that they likely shall ever have to make.

If all goes according to Hoyle, the Missus and I shall be flying an empty nest before 2011 cedes the stage to 2012. Anyone who is a parent knows the struggle you have in your stomach's pit when one of your "kids" reaches a point where Suz is now. The point of divergence geographically between her life and your life. And it is helpful to think back for a moment and to reflect on where you have come from as opposed to where she is going.

There was a moment in your life where you stood in the shoes that your child now wears and your parent(s) stood wearing those now warming your little feeties. And in that moment, you did then what she must do now. You ventured off to make your own way in the world. Whether you did it 1800 miles away or within walking distance of the home where you were raised, you made your own way. You blazed your own trail.

And you survived. You did more than that in fact. You thrived. You took the lessons learned at the knee of those who raised you and you paid them forward, bestowing them upon your own children like the gifts they are and like the traveling companions they shall always be. For that is what they shall always be for her - constant traveling companions. Reminders of the fact that geography be damned, there is not a place on the planet that is not connected to Home - and vice versa.

Thinking back on where you were when you wore the shoes of the child, you realize that not only did you thrive after going off on your own, but so did your parents. Their lives did not stop when the children they raised reached a fork in the road and took it. They went on. And at some point their lives reached the point where they were not simply parents any longer, but something grander still.

And if there is enough luck in the world and magic in the moonlight that those who raised you have lived to see you raise your children, then they know now what you - what we - will come to know eventually. We were their greatest gift, much in the same way that the no-longer-a child of ours who is about to leave the nest behind is ours. Same as it ever was. Same as it will always be.

At least as long as there is luck in the world and at least a little bit of magic in the moonlight.

There she goes....

....and love shall go with her. Even as we stand on the driveway waving goodbye.


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