Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Maybe About It

....but twenty years or so on up the road, I remain amazed. I remain not only amazed by my wife on a daily basis but also by the fact that a point existed all those many years ago at which her life intersected with my life and became our life. Today is Margaret's birthday. While today the gifts are hers to receive, I cannot help but feel as if I am the one who has received a gift each and every day from that day way back when hers and mine became ours.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Birthday Girl saved my life. Not only is that not an exaggeration, it is not even the entire story. For she more than simply saved my life, she gave me life. My "master plan" in the year or so after I graduated from CU was of the first-person singular variety. All "I". No "We". Margaret changed all that. Had you bet me 24 hours before I went out with her for the first time that I was ever going to (a) marry; and (b) become a father, I would have put all the money and stuff I had then on "No". Fifteen minutes after I dropped her off from our first date in June 1991, you could have come by to collect your winnings.

I knew then what I know now and what I have known every minute of every day since then. There is a profound difference between merely living and being alive. Once you are fortunate enough to have experienced the latter, you have zero interest in the former. It is not enough for you. It never can be.

I am my mother's son. Thus I recognize that the three most important elements/components of my life are Margaret, Suzanne and Rob. I am my father's son as well. Thus I recognize that I often times do a poor job - sometimes descending to the depths of ineptitude - of communicating that to them. The key to it all is Margaret. For without her, there would be no Suzanne and no Rob. I know not whether I would have nothing. I know for certain that whatever I would have would be nothing compared to that which I have had and have loved since that first dinner date way back when in June 1991. A gift to enjoy every day.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful bride. Everyday she gives me the greatest gift I could ever get: Peace. Without that in in head and in my soul, I would have nothing. Not a damn thing. With it, I have everything I need.


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