Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mother's Day

Brevity is the watchword today. Damn long day yesterday. Ultimately productive but long nonetheless. That's OK. Under the guise of doing more with less, now for something completely different.

Mom has been scraping and scrapping lately. She has been enjoying the hospitality of one of Palm Beach County's finest medical establishments for more than the past week, having undergone the pure unadulterated joy of a valve transplant/double bypass a week ago yesterday. Happiness may take many forms but one of them is most assuredly NOT being an 82 year old woman having your chest cracked open so that heart surgery can be performed.

Saturday night was a night that I spent in the company of people who at one time in my life I knew very well. And because the Kenny imprint on W-H that began with my father was expanded to include not only Kara, Jill and me as students but Mom as a secretary in the Development Department, those who knew me a lifetime ago knew Mom also. I know what an effect she has had upon my life. I take for granted I suppose the effect she has upon the lives of those outside of the family unit. Saturday night I was reminded. Too many people to count - from old friends of mine to old friends of either of my sisters and from former faculty members to parents of friends of one of her children - all inquired of me how Mom was doing. When I related to them that at present she is doing less than tremendously, the good wishes/thoughts/prayers, etc. poured over me like a tidal wave. All asked me to convey to her that they were sending good wishes and positive thoughts to her to assist in her recovery.

When I talked to Jill on Sunday from her Sunshine State outpost I told her that a "few" people had sent Mom their love and good wishes on Saturday night - and then spent several minutes going through the list of names - neither of us could think to do anything other than laugh. In the halls of, first, Wardlaw and, later, W-H it was Dad who was the dominant force. Yet in her subtle, understated "Mom" way, Joanie K. more than held her own. She made an impression on those who came into contact with her - by doing nothing more or less than simply being herself and treating them as she has treated everyone her entire life - that resonates with them two decades later.

I have known for my entire life just how lucky I am to have her. Being reminded on Saturday night of how many folks out there in the world at large share that sentiment was not only touching, it was humbling.

And sincerely appreciated.


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