Monday, October 31, 2011

A Long Time Ago

Twenty-four years ago today, Jill and Joe were married. It was a simply gorgeous, snow-free Halloween. Almost a quarter of a century ago. I know that this Halloween - unlike that one - the two of them shall be in separate postal codes. Jill is tending to Mom as she recuperates down in Florida while Joe is here in the hopefully temporarily wintry climes of New Jersey.

The three of us all graduated from CU. When I finished up in '89, Jill and Joe (both class of '87) came out with Mom and Stel for graduation. Stel took a picture of our Trinity of Buffs standing outside after the ceremony

I smile looking at that photo. Back then, my hair was gray-free, Jill's hair was more brown than blonde and Joe's hair was still atop his head. A lot can change in a quarter-century I reckon.

But not everything changes. Sometimes the good stuff remains inviolate. Time passes but it neither weakens nor erodes that which it touches.

Happy Anniversary Wilma and Joe.


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