Friday, October 7, 2011

Keeper of Good Thoughts

Short and - depending upon your definition of the word - perhaps sweet as well. I spend (OK - waste) a lot of time and space here railing on about all things trivial. Not today.

I am not a religious man. In fact, while I respect the intellect of those who believe in God - and in fact count among those I love most dearly a number of folks who do so - I am at best an agnostic. Too much bad shit in the world for me to buy the whole "higher power" jazz. But to each his own.

Being an agnostic, I do not grasp the whole "power of prayer" thing either. I do not pray. Thus, I do not ask another to do so. But today, rather than being the self-absorbed douche I am most days, my thoughts are a few hundred miles south. Perhaps a parent's declining health is an inevitable part of the aging process. I know not because Dad did not live to be old. Perhaps it is simply what happens to everyone as we age and it is, therefore, nothing much to worry about. Perhaps.

But when it is your Mom, you worry. Today, I worry. I worry because Mom is not chilling out at home - maxing and relaxing on the beach reading a book. Nope. She is spending a bit of time at a local hospital. It is not the comprehensive meal plan or the chance to watch TV from an almost upright position while in bed that brought her in. Wishful thinking.

It is her heart.

At some point in the next couple of days a surgeon will perform a procedure that he has performed flawlessly too many times to count, which procedure will greatly improve my mother's day-to-day. A procedure that - if it was about to be performed on someone else's mother - would perhaps be viewed as "routine". There is an old saying that routine surgery is surgery performed on someone other than you. There is a corollary to that old saying. Routine surgery is surgery performed on someone other than Mom.

It is what it is and being what it is, at some point in the next couple of three days, Mom and her surgeon shall spend some quality time together. I am biased of course - because Mom is Mom - but it strikes me as inherently unfair that a woman whose heart is as big as Mom's would be a heart prone to problems and one that requires a tune-up. If Life was fair, then she would not be spending the next several days where she is. Then again, if Life was fair, by this point in his my brother Bill would have at least one photo depicting him riding a pony while wearing a birthday hat.

From my vantage point here in the State of Concrete Gardens, I shall keep a good thought for Mom and her next Excellent Adventure, Medical Edition. It would be much obliged if you would do the same. Not for me. For her....

....she has most assuredly earned it.


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