Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dream Follower

First game of the 2011 World Series is tonight. I will probably watch little to none of this game or however many follow it. It is not because I am a Yankees fan moping about still regarding the end of their season. Well, perhaps a little bit. But mostly it is because I have no rooting interest in either club still standing. I rooted for Milwaukee to beat St. Louis and for Detroit to defeat Texas. Happy to see that my support was the difference maker.

I am intrigued by this factoid I read in the newspaper on Monday: since interleague play began no two teams have played fewer games against one another than the Cardinals and the Rangers. In 2004, they played a single, three-game series. Only the Mets and the White Sox have squared off across league boundaries as infrequently as have the Cards and the Rangers.

One other great factoid: NL is the "home" team for this year's Series by virtue of having won the All-Star Game. Who was the NL's offensive star? Prince Fielder of the Brewers (a/k/a "Blood Enemies of the Cardinals"), whose three-run home run propelled the NL to a 5-1 win.

The Missus and I are staring squarely in the face the prospect of being empty nesters. After years of comfortably residing at the top of the stairs, Suz shall awaken this morning in Houston, Texas for not one - but two - job interviews. Life is lived forward - but not necessarily in a straight line. My daughter is proof positive of that fact. I have little doubt in my mind that one - if not both - of the two suitors with whom she is meeting today shall hire her. She is exceptionally good at what she does - speech language pathologist - and hers is a field that is very hot in terms of job growth.

Kids grow from the seeds you have sown as parents. You help them where you can but a lot of the heavy lifting they do themselves. They have to. Just as we had to when we were where they are now. The road ahead belongs to them. Not to us. To travel it they have to make their own way upon it.

Suz has been doing that in fits and spurts thus far from a local postal code. Today, she is taking an important first step on plotting a course in a whole new direction. It is frightening, exciting, terrifying and exhilirating all at once. And those are my emotions. I cannot imagine how she feels.

I am happy - having missed the chance to do so last year due to my rather selfish behavior - that Margaret, Suz and I got to spend this Sunday taking in the gorgeous autumn weather by doing a bit of pumpkin picking. At the insistence of my daughter, when she selected "THE" one she would purchase (check that, which I would purchase) a picture was taken to preserve the moment for posterity

If the decision were mine to make and time were mine to tether, I'd snap a picture of this moment now and freeze this frame forever.

It is not of course. Nor should it be. You own only your own dreams, not anyone else's. Yours are yours. Theirs are theirs. To follow wherever they may lead....

....even to Houston, Texas.


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