Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bronx's Best Apostle....

Or so hope the Yankees and their fans, including the one whose face stares back at me in the bathroom mirror in the wee small hours each and every morning. One game removed from A.J. Burnett - for whom the expectations bar has been re-adjusted downward so far he is more likely to stub his toe than he is to strike his head upon it - having extended the ALDS to its fifth and deciding game, the Baby Bomber Ivan Nova will take the ball tonight with but one goal in mind: Just Win Baby. Nova wins and the Texas Rangers come to the Bronx on Saturday night to begin ALCS 2010 - The Sequel. Nova loses and the team of Girardi/Cashman enters the competition against the team of Francona/Epstein in Amazing Race: Chicago.

My favorite thing about baseball is that which makes it the most maddening. The team for which you root spends approximately six months completing a season that requires it - as a general rule - to play 162 games. Its goal is to finish either in first place in its division or to be the second place divisional finisher in its league with the best record of the second place teams so that can earn one of its league's four playoff spots. After a respite of a day - or perhaps two - it begins its journey into and hopefully through the post-season.

A journey that for half of the playof participants will end in not more than five games and could end in as few as three. One week ago yesterday (Wednesday September 28) the Tampa Bay Rays battled their way back from 7-0 deficit in their final regular season game to win the AL Wild-Card, having finally passed the Boston Red Sox - a team that had been 9.5 games ahead of the Rays in the standings at the beginning of September. Yesterday (Wednesday October 5) was "wrap up day" for the Rays, whose post-season journey lasted only four games. All that work, all that struggle and in an eye blink - "POOF". Yeah and it's over before you know it - It all goes by so fast - Yeah, the bad nights last forever - And the good nights don't ever seem to last.

It is no mystery which of the two (forever or fleeting) the home fans in the big ballpark in the Bronx are rooting for this evening. Whether this particular Bronx Tale has a happy ending remains to be seen - for its ending is as of yet unwritten.

Irrespective of the zip code in which it occurs, the journey for one team shall end as it always does, with someone (whether from the Bronx or elsewhere) standing with his hands on a particular piece of hardware. Certainly not lost in the flood....

....not lost at all.


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