Wednesday, October 5, 2011

....And Not a Drop to Drink

Walking up the driveway Monday night - on what was a beautifully clear, crisp early Autumn evening - looking up a sky dotted with white puffy clouds when I heard the unmistakable sound of fast-moving water. You see, having spent a portion of Sunday morning at Great Adventure, I was keenly aware of what roaring rapids sound like. Given that (a) it was not raining; and (b) the sound appeared to be coming from the storm sewer beneath my driveway I was - as the cat might say - curious.

Upon entering the house I saw one of our cats - Dempsey - with his face pressed against the one of the open windows in the den. Curiosity as contagion. Who knew? I crossed the room in search of an answer to the question, "Hey Demps what are you looking at?" and not only got an answer to that question but also to the one that had been unanswered since I began my walk up the driveway, "Where the hell is all that water coming from?"

We have had an above-ground pool in our backyard for the past seven or eight years. It is not large. It is a twelve-foot round pool. Not big enough to train for the London Olympics. Certainly big enough to provide a respite from the heat of a Jersey summer -as Uncle Mike and Joe were doing when I took this shot in the summer of 2010:

I mentioned that the pool is round; right? Well, that is not entirely accurate. Until shortly before 6:00 p.m. on the 60th Anniversary of Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'Round the World" and the 50th Anniversary of Roger Maris swatting #61 it was round. After 6:00 p.m.? Not so much.

If you have ever wondered what the answer to this riddle is, "How much water comes out of your 12" round, above-ground pool when one of its walls collapse?", then let me clear up that mystery for you: all of it.

The bad news is that the SBYHL (Squirrel Back Yard Hockey League) will have to find a new home this winter. It is a damn shame too - what with the Mid-Winter Classic already scheduled and all. The good news is that this will be the first winter in a long time that we will not worry about the cover staying securely fastened or the balloon that is put under the cover to keep it off of the water surface getting punctured or otherwise assaulted by snow and ice that gathers upon it. Plus, I am quite certain that all of the worms who reside in our back yard appreciated the chlorine enema they simultaneously experienced Monday evening.

Come the spring we will make use of the space formerly occupied by the pool. As of this early date, we have not determined how exactly but we shall figure it out. If I was a betting man - and I am on occasion - I would wager that the future occupant of that space will be composed of much less fluid materials than its former occupant. While I did not spend much time in it myself, Margaret enjoyed it a lot (as did Joe and Uncle Mike) and so did the indomitable Suzy B., for which reason I shall miss seeing it when I look out the back door. Life goes on of course. This too shall pass. Much like water under the bridge....

....or across the back yard, under the fence and out to the sidewalk. Either way, it flows. Believe me. It most assuredly does.


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