Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tis the Sound of Lilting Laughter

Full disclosure demands - up front - that I acknowledge that my bride's heart is Italian, not Irish. Well, not by birth anyway. By marriage? Certainly. By indoctrination? Perhaps. As my good friend Governor Rick Perry likes to remind me - it is important to not allow the facts to get in the way of a good story. But I digress.

Margaret is a remarkable woman. I am reminded of it every morning when I stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror and then glance in the mirror beyond my reflection to her still sleeping in our bed and think, "Go figure." I am reminded of it when one of our two young adults does something - or opts not to do something - that reflects her influence upon them and serves as an affirmation of how she did what she did to guide them along their path of travel when they were more young than adult.

My wife is very much an "everybody else first" person, an attribute owed in large part to her genetic material but reinforced in some part due to the fact that she is married to a self-absorbed twit. Trust me, I know him. While her skin of selflessness is one that she will never be able to shed, it pleases me more than a just a little when she opts, time and again, to buck it.

Margaret has worked where she works for the past four years. Over the course of the past year or so, as the economy has creaked to a limp, the industry in which she works has slowed perceptibly. When you are blessed with the ability to do one million things at one time, at full speed and at 100% accuracy and are suddenly constrained to do only one thing at a time and asked to do it as something less than full speed, it can kill you more than just a little bit inside. Such has been her life at work for most of the past year. While she enjoys the people she works with quite a bit, she had been dying on the inside for quite some time.

No more. Opportunity knocked and Margaret ran to the door to answer. Beginning next month she starts a new adventure in a new field about which she seems terribly excited. It took me close to the past four years to understand fully what it is she does presently so I shall not pretend to understand presently what it is she is off to do starting in October. It matters not. She is happy to have the opportunity. I am happy that she is happy. And at day's end, that is really more than enough.

How do like that Mr. Soderbergh? Happiness as a contagion.

Congratulations honey as you gear up for the next, newest adventure. And I love you very much. Always have. Always will....

Peg O' My Heart.


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