Saturday, September 17, 2011

She Ran Nightly, Lightly Through The Jungle

Or perhaps not. Perhaps she flew first class out of DIA - jammed perhaps into a pouch in a bag that the good folks (sorry - tongue stuck firmly in cheek) at Continental Airlines "lost" on some unsuspecting traveler such as a father spending Memorial Day weekend with his son - all the way to JFK. I know not. All I know for certain and all that anyone will likely ever know for certain is that five-plus years after Meadow the cat sashayed out of her family's home in Broomfield Colorado, she turned up in New York City. Meadow is no dummy either. Where was she located? Gramercy Park.

And she turned up safe and sound although just how many of her nine lives she bartered with to remain that way remains a mystery to me. Meadow got her own tongue on that subject as well. Her humans are understandably overjoyed that she shall shortly commence making her very own great migration West especially since after a while they had presumed that something other than Manhattan had taken Meadow. “We got a call asking us if we had a cat named Willow, and we thought that was pretty strange, since we thought Willow might have been eaten by coyotes,” her jubilant owner, Jamie Squires, 37, told The Post.

Maybe all Meadow wanted was the chance to live in Boulder. Apparently the Squires family moved from Broomfield to Boulder while Meadow was off looking for America. Perhaps news of Coach Embree's hiring at CU was all Meadow was waiting for to signal to her that reason and common sense had returned to the Front Range and it was time to return to Colorado? There is no truth to the rumor (started right here) that Embree's team has dedicated its effort today in the Mile High Showdown against CSU to Meadow. Ditto for that rumor (coincidentally also started right here) that Meadow will join Ralphie leading the Buffs out onto the home turf at Folsom when the Buffs tangle with USC under the lights on November's first Friday. However, judging by the photo of her in the Daily Camera that might be simply to hold down the University's mascot food costs.

We often hear said, "All's well that ends well." Less often do we hear it applied to a half-decade sojourn of a domesticated animal that terminated 1600 miles away from whence it began. But it fits this story quite nicely. After five-plus years away, Kitty's back in town.... she comes now.


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