Friday, September 2, 2011

Bricka Bracka Firecracker Shish Boom Bah

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Since I neither attend nor teach school, I am not affected by the soul-sucking sensation of my summer's vacation arriving at its final destination (although given how many school districts - for reasons that continue to boggle my acorn of a mind - start school in mid/late August annually that for many students and teachers alike summer has been but a memory for a while) for mine has been a summer sans vacation. Sure, lawyers are inherently lazy (ask anyone who is not a lawyer and he or she will confirm that in a wink) but not even we get three months in which to put our feet up and do nothing. Well, not all of us anyway.

No, this time of year is among my favorites for it is the start of college football season. I love college football. I root wholeheartedly every autumn for the kids from State U. and for the gang wearing the colors of my Alma mater. While it seems more often than not, the results of either squad at year's end does not equal my level of enthusiasm, they do not in fact cause me to temper it at all. They play. I cheer. It is a delightfully simple arrangement.

I am a Rutgers season ticket-holder. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I did not make the long trek (ten minutes in traffic/seven minutes otherwise) over to the stadium last night for the season opener. Shoot me but I cannot get excited about North Carolina Central. I understand the purpose of a cupcake on the schedule. It does not mean I have to eat it....although considering I paid for tickets I did not use, I suppose I did. I hope that Coach Schiano and his team have a better season this year than last - and not simply from a wins/losses perspective. And when one considers where Eric LeGrand was at the end of last sesson - after having suffered a spinal cord injury on the field against Army in mid-October - and where he is at the beginning of this one, one cannot help but smile. He is a young man who has come a long way in a short time. And he appears to be nowehere close to finished with his journey.

My beloved Buffs begin their first season under fellow alum John Embree in Hawaii, which is a lovely place to vacation but not an easy place to play. The good news for me is that the game is on TV. The bad news is that it does not kick off until after 10:00 p.m. Saturday night in the all-important Adam Time Zone. Given the relative proximity between the scheduled times for their first play and my first snore, I may see little to none of the action. I will reserve judgment as to whether that is a good or a bad thing until Sunday which time I will learn the final score.

This is the Alma mater's first season in the PAC-12 after having been a member of the Big XII since its creation almost two decades ago. I did not suspect that when the Buffs and their frenemies to the East the Nebraska Cornhuskers (Quick Nebraska joke for old time's sake: What does the "N" stand for on Nebraska's helmets? Knowledge!) that it would trigger any other defections from their former home. Apparently, the good folks from Texas A&M do not want to play in the Big XII sandbox any longer either. Having told their conference brethren to "Kiss My Aggies" as it were, I presume that they have a landing spot in mind for their athletic program. If not, then the powers that be in College Station might become the butt of their own joke: Q.: What does the A&M stand for in Texas A&M? A.: Alone and Miserable.

If you are - as I am - a fan of college football, then enjoy this extended weekend's platter of games on which to feast. Opening weekend in college football is much like spring training in baseball in that everybody thinks they have a chance to win it all. Well, everybody but New Mexico.

Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny! Rah! Rah! Rah!


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