Monday, September 5, 2011

The Jasmine In My Mind

It is almost incomprehensible to me that today we officially bid Adieu to the summer of 2011. Almost. In my mind's eye I can still see Memorial Day Weekend clearly. Margaret and I spent its Saturday down the Shore - the morning in Spring Lake and the afternoon in Manasquan. Gidg and I ran that morning in The Spring Lake 5, which is the kick-off event for the Jersey Shore's summer running season and a mighty fine way to make sweat off some room in one's belly for the grilled treats that are to be consumed the rest of the weekend (as well as a source of pretty cool race swag):

We spent Memorial Day proper at home where we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the 'NTSG Memorial Day Parade, which conveniently (for us) anyway passed right in front of our house

It seems incredible that the weekend on which both of those events took place occurred more than ninety days ago. Way back when...when summer was in its nascent stage. In our house, we tried to suck every waking moment out of this summer. I know that from my own selfish perspective it was a way to hit back a bit at the brutal winters we have endured back-to-back 'round here. Last winter, Boxing Day brought a blizzard for all the little girls and boys - whether they had forgotten to ask Santa for one or not - and from that moment forward until what felt like Easter we endured some unrelentingly atrocious weather.

Irene's recent Eastern tour notwithstanding, the weather in these parts this summer was pretty good. We were able to make so much use of our grill in the backyard that I purchased the summer's third tank of Blue Rhino propane from the kid at the Valero station up the block about two weeks ago. Happiness is outdoor cooking. Good for the taste buds. An elixir for the soul.

Now we commence the relentless march towards Winter. The descent down the rabbit's hole will be slow at first. Summer-like temperatures in these parts will hang around probably at least until Summer cedes the stage to Fall at the Autumnal Equinox and maybe even a day or three beyond. By mid-November the hot days and warm nights of summer will seem to be about 1,000,000 away.

Oh to feel the breeze that makes us feel fine. We have once. We shall again.


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