Sunday, September 4, 2011

Geeks and Freaks

I had an unexpectedly good experience with the Missus on Friday night. Not that Margaret and I do not enjoy one another's company but on Friday night we ventured over to the local Best Buy to do something that neither of us was much looking forward to doing, which was buying a new computer.

My Sony VAIO laptop was a Christmas present from my wife back in '06. As I understand it, in the world of computers that makes my machine something of a dinosaur. While it has served us well for the past (almost) five years, its life has not been without its ups and downs. For reasons not entirely clear to me, its battery simply stopped functioning some time ago. For reasons even less clear to me, Rosie has - on not one but TWO separate occasions - decided that its power cord tastes like chicken (albeit not enough to eat the entire cord but just enough to allow two separate cords to exist where only one had previously).

After my second trip to Best Buy to purchase a 3rd power cord I returned home and created a little bar graph for Rosie. On it I showed her the difference between her purchase price and the purchase price for the ever-growing number of power cords she was making me buy and I explained to her that the closer the latter figure came to the former the easier it became for me to justify creating an opportunity for her to fully grasp the meaning of "a dog's life". While I was not entirely sure she comprehended the graph (the colors appeared to confuse her), she must have for I have not purchased a replacement power cord - or dog for that matter - since.

While I had half expected the Missus to want to take the plunge into the world of Apple, she decided that she (and by extension me) is a PC. Never having been accused of being "PC" before, I am not entirely sure what to make of the label. I suppose it shall grow on me. We were aided immeasurably in our search by three very capable young men: Mike, Yelcin and Daniel. Daniel is a Geek although far less geeky-looking than the image used in Best Buy's TV commercials.

Time will tell whether the new PC stands the test of time. Being a fan of dinosaurs, I am not disposing of my old VAIO. It serves certain functions well for me. This new toy will be principally Margaret's to play with - although I will miss seeing the exasperated look on her face when the computer shuts down unexpectedly because she has had the audacity to move it and in doing so has upset the "Adam Special Dumb Ass Repair Job" I performed on the 3rd power cord after Rosie ate her way through it a couple of years ago. Truth be told, I love my dog. The ramifications of the bar graph scared me far more than her. So after she ate threw the 3rd one, I threw out the graph and taped the power cord back together. Other than its occasional (a/k/a "every time you turned the computer on") tendency to lose its connection and shut the computer off, the patchwork cord worked fine. Margaret will miss it. And I will miss her missing it....

....I had hoped to learn every Italian curse word. And I am too damn cheap to buy Rosetta Stone.


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