Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Those Who Knew Not Where They Were Going

A bit of hooky on tap today. Happiness is a Wednesday spent neither in the office nor in court but instead accompanying the Missus and Joe as the latter takes his first steps in and through the Ellis Island Museum. My father-in-law is bearing down on his 80th birthday, having lived his entire life in the states that surround Liberty Island and Ellis Island. He has never set foot on either. Today, everything changes.

Just for point of clarification, the word "occasional" was inadvertently omitted from the second sentence in the preceding paragraph. In the unlikely event that Messrs. Weiner or Lesniak wander past this space, I do not want to be hoisted on the petard of my own unintentional letter of resignation. I enjoy working on Wednesdays....and every other day that ends in "day".

Proving that Murphy is an Irishman, the forecast today is less than stellar. Then again, as late as 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night, Sunday's forecast for New York City was just this side of atrocious. Sunday dawned bright and sunny and remained in that state until the sun descended into the west that evening. Perhaps we shall experience a similar phenomenon today. Weather will not deter us from our journey and should actually have little effect upon us as we can ride below deck on the ferry that will take us from Point A to Point B (and in the interest of completeness both logistically and alphabetically, Point C) and we will spend most of our time indoors once we get there. Barring Irene Redux, whatever elements we encounter today will be less than those encountered on a day in/day out basis by those who passed through this place out of necessity and not out of curiosity.

Joe was born in the United States but - at least if I have understood the stories accurately all these years - both of his parents were born in Italy (or perhaps Sicily) - and we shall walk today the steps that they took once their ships came in to New York Harbor. We shall see the various processes to which they were subjected and which they had to completely satisfactorily in order to be permitted to complete their journey. Joe has spoken often of his desire to see this particular place. I hope it not only meets but exceeds his expectations....

....and gives him pause to consider whether it exceeded those of his mother and father when they passed through this place. Hallowed halls? Perhaps. The portal to the land of hope and dreams? Absolutely.


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