Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 23 Skidont

It it the final Tuesday of September. By week's end we will have reached month's end, which means that three-quarters of 2011 will be an object viewed through the rear-view mirror. Time does not simply pass. It flies by. Remarkable.

Being more than a bit addle-brained, it completely slipped my mind until this morning that this past weekend my sister Kara and her husband Russ celebrated their wedding anniversary. I could be wrong about this, my math skills being something less than legendary, but I believe that this year is their 23rd as husband and wife. I recall flying home from Boulder for the wedding, which took place in September of my senior year at CU.

I think - and I could be wrong as both age and alcohol have had a deleterious effect on my memory - that Russ and Kara's wedding reception was the last time that I saw either my Uncle Paul or my Uncle Jim. They were two of Mom's brothers (the third being Uncle John who died far too young what seems now to have been at least a lifetime ago) and both of them were larger-than-life men. In the two-plus decades since Kara/Russ married, both of them have died. Uncle Paul, although the younger of the two, died first a number of years ago. Uncle Jim, with whom Mom was so close it was as if they were of one mind always, died a bit more than three years ago. Twenty-three years brings about a hell of a lot of change.

In the twenty-three years (plus now since I am several days late with this particular salute), Kara and Russ have brought into this world three remarkable young men. Two of their sons are matriculating their way through college as we speak. Jordan, the youngest, is still a few years away from higher education. It only seems right that he complete elementary school first. He did after all just celebrate his 10th birthday on Monday. Let us not do anything to hurry the final one along too quickly; right? Time moves fast enough without giving it a shove.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." I have never spent time with Kara and Russ and their kids, whether at their home or elsewhere, where I have not been more than a bit impressed at the amount of joyful noise and energy rising off of all of them. Their enthusiasm has indeed served them well. Emerson was right.

And here's to the next twenty-three years of the greatest story the two of them shall ever write. Congratulations, much love and all the best.

No skidoo in these two....they never saw the need.


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