Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things and Stuff

Eight years ago on this very date, on an evening that was as gorgeous as tonight is predicted to be, Rob and I enjoyed what remains one of my all-time favorite Springsteen shows at Giants Stadium. The penultimate date of a ten-date stand in East Rutherford, broken up into 7 nights in July and 3 in late August, featured guest spots by Emmylou Harris and Marah. The set list included "Janey Don't You Lose Heart" as the opener, "Trapped" and - as part of the encore - "Pretty Flamingo". An exquisite night of music from start to finish. I know not whether Rob remembers anything in particular about that evening. I do. And I am happy that I do.

Yesterday reinforced the point to me that Mother Nature either possesses (a) no short-term memory; or (b) the most deliciously evil sense of humor ever. Last week kicked off with an earthquake and wrapped up with a hurricane. This week kicked off with a day straight out of central casting for beautiful late summer days. Hopefully the brightness of the sky was of some help to the good folks up and down the East Coast of these United States crawling through the wreckage of home and/or business devastated by Irene. I have been before where you are now. It is not a pleasant place to be. Try to bear in mind that no matter what "stuff" you lost, nothing you lost is irreplaceable - even if at first glance you believe it to be.

And for all of us throughout the State of Concrete Gardens and elsewhere whose day-to-day for the next couple of days perhaps is going to be a bit more complicated and onerous courtesy of Irene's bad manners, take just a moment out of our griping to think a good thought for the family of Michael Kenwood. Michael Kenwood was a member of the Princeton Township First Aid and Rescue Squad. He died Monday morning. He died secondary to injuries he sustained while responding to a call involving a submerged car on a Township road at or about 4:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Kenwood was apparently part of the Township's swift water rescue team and at some point during his performance of his duties on Sunday morning, the rope that connected him to other members of the squad became disconnected. He was swept away. While other members of the squad were able to pull Kenwood out of the water and get him to a hospital, the injuries he suffered proved to be too much. And what happened to the driver of the car? I do not know. The car was not only submerged but empty when Kenwood and his partner checked it out. I last looked in the newspaper yesterday for any information as to its owner and/or presumptive driver. I found nothing.

There are some things that are more important than "things", whether the "things" in question belong to me or to you. Those are the only things that are - in fact - irreplaceable. The rest of it is merely stuff.

Then every guy will envy me
'Cause paradise is where I'll be



The Unbearable Banishment said...

We saw Springsteen at the same concert series and he played "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

People don't realize the "stuff" observation until tragedy strikes. Now, THAT'S a tragedy.

Adam Kenny said...

I've seen him do "You Sexy Thing" and I think you're spot on with the reaction to it....

....and I cannot say what you've offered about "stuff" any better than you did. Well said.