Sunday, August 21, 2011

Onward Buffalo Soldiers

But for my University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Association calendar, which I trust implicitly, I would not have known that tomorrow is the first day of classes for the Fall Semester at CU. As an initial consideration, how can one not trust a calendar that has a Larry Harwood photograph immodestly (yet accurately) captioned as, "A stunning view of campus during the summer" serving as its representation of Boulder in August:

I realize that it is a bit difficult (at this size) to make out what is written below the numerals in the "22" box. It indeed says, "First day of classes". I must confess that I have no recollection of Fall Semesters '85 through '88 including classes that met in August. Then again, I was not well-known during my time in Boulder for my rigorous commitment to classroom attendance irrespective of month - especiallly so in the Fall of '85. I suppose it is entirely possible that we started school as early then as they appear to now. Perhaps Jay or Loku will pop by this space today, read this and provide a definitive answer to the question. Sadly, I cannot. August evenings at The Dark Horse? Those I remember well. August days in a classroom? Not so much.

In another couple of weeks the Buffaloes will begin the 2011 football season. 'Tis the Autumn of new beginnings in Boulder. We have a new Head Coach in Jon Embree. He, like Jill, Joe and me, is a Buff.

We belong to a new Conference effective this year. 'Tis our maiden voyage in the newly minted Pac-12 (unlike the Big Ten and the Big XII, we play in a league that actually changed its name to accurately reflect its membership). I have no real notion now good, bad or indifferent this year's edition of the Buffaloes is going to be. What knowledge I possess I have obtained courtesy of the hard work of Stuart Whitehair. Stuart is a CU alum (we just seem to be everywhere) who operates the most well put together web site for all things CU Football anywhere. CU at the Game is simply terrific. And incredibly it is free.

Stuart is both an alum and a fan. Yet he does not go about his business trying to type while wearing pom-poms. I think however he is slightly more optimistic about the likelihood of relative success on the gridiron this year than is George Schroeder of If George's gift of prognostication is good, then it is going to be a long season on the Front Range.

I am excited because in November the Missus and I shall make our once-a-decade journey to Boulder to watch the Buffs play football. Truth be told, we are heading West principally to see Rob and to interfere in the otherwise smooth day-to-day operation of his life. Seeing that he lives roughly an hour from Boulder, we can both harass and harangue him and spend some time in one of my absolute favorite places. As far as I can tell, the young lady in his life (who is otherwise terrific) possesses but one character flaw in that she is a CSU graduate. Jess is a trooper though. She has already indicated that she would be willing to watching the Buffs play Arizona on November 12th. I told her I appreciate her willingness to take one for the team. I also assured her that if the Buffs are as bad as Schroeder predicts they shall be, we will enjoy the game from one of Boulder's fine restaurants or taverns, which will likely be a damn sight warmer than Folsom Field will be on November's second Saturday. And it will offer us access to a much better variety of libations.

Being an Alumni has its advantages, noteworthy among them of course is not having to actually pay tuition or matriculate your way towards a degree. I would have found college a damn sight easier had I been able to focus my energies solely on enjoying life in Boulder and cheering my lungs out for Ralphie and her charges:

Shoulder to Shoulder and two-plus months until Boulder. That has a nice ring to it. A very nice ring.


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