Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping the Fires Lit

There are certain dates on the calendar that throw off a more sinister vibe than others. Today is one. It was on this very day three years ago that Margaret's grandmother - Nan - died. Nan was (if memory serves) 94 years young when she died. Her body had started to betray her during the last two or three years of her life but her mind was still razor-sharp right up until the final time she closed her eyes. We presume she went peacefully, dying as she did in her sleep in her bed at the home of Margaret's parents with whom she lived for the final thirty years or so of her life.

Nan's death as a stand-alone event was sad. Worse yet is that it proved to be the tip of the iceberg. Seven days after Nan's death, her sister Meni (two years younger I think) died. It was right around this time last summer that Margaret's Uncle Junior died. And it was, of course, two Junes ago that Suzy B.'s courageous battle against cancer came to its sad conclusion.

[TANGENT WARNING: We are now exactly two months out from the 2011 Susan G. Komen South and Central Jersey Race for the Cure. The Race is held annually at Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. This year's Race date is Sunday, October 2, 2011. The Race offers both a 5K Run and a Walk. This year, as we have done for each of the previous two editions of the Race, Sue's Crew shall be in the house....or in the parking lot where the Race is run. This year's iteration (Sue's Crew III) is running under the banner, "Sue's Crew III: Because Love Don't Stop. Neither Shall We." I can report (as I am the one on the Crew charged with the responsibility of coming up with the annual catchphrase) that Margaret has greeted this year's slogan much more warmly than she did last year's, "For the Cure We Come to Race, To Kick Breast Cancer in the Face." Anyway, if you would like to walk and/or run as part of Sue's Crew we would love to have you. Any and all support is welcome too. The world is chock full of good causes and in my admittedly selfish opinion there is none better than this one.]

Margaret's family is not the only one that has been touched by tragedy on 2 August. Today marks the first anniversary of the death of a man who taught me more about being a lawyer than I could ever repay had we both lived to be 1000 years old. Frank DeVito is one of the best human beings it has ever been my pleasure to get to know. I adored him. His wife Josephine and their kids Jennamarie, Cherylann and Frank loved him to pieces. He loved each and every one of them with every fiber of his enormous heart. He is missed still. He shall be missed always.

I reckon that the great ones always are. Time is purported to heal all wounds but no one even breathes life into the lie that it has the power to erase them. To make us feel anew. A scar always remains upon our heart when we lose one we love....

....making it all the easier for us to keep them there perhaps.


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