Thursday, August 4, 2011

From One Who Rambles....

....some idle thoughts. Not to be confused with "Idol" thoughts/"X Factor" thoughts or "The Voice" thoughts. Apropos of nothing, how many singing competitions does one television-viewing public need to be subjected to simultaneously? Once upon a time, actors were whose faces we saw when we powered up our television sets. Now, it is as likely as not that we shall see some regular dumb ass like me....or you. I would run video on my own life 24/7 if I thought it was that f***ing interesting. It is not, I assure you.

Apologies for the mini-tangent/tantrum in the preceding paragraph. Certain things piss me off. Contrary to popular belief, not everything does. I have watched a lot of Shark Week this week on Discovery Channel. A lawyer watching sharks at work. It is sort of like looking in a mirror; right? You certainly know the old joke, "Why don't sharks attack lawyers?"....."Professional courtesy!" Please do not forget to tip your server generously prior on your way out of this space today. I thoroughly enjoy Shark Week. The "Air Jaws" shows alone are worth the price of admission. They feature footage of great white sharks - some of whom are as large as 18-20 feet long - coming completely out of the water (those of us in the know call it "a breach") as they convert a seal into a meal.

Spectacular stuff - at least from the comfort of my den. Kind of a buzz kill from the seal's perspective I reckon. I do not know if I watch a total of 20 minutes of programming on Discovery Channel the other 51 weeks of the year. I thank those of you who do - and I beg you to continue to do so - so that it retains its spot in the DIRECTV line-up and I can continue to enjoy Shark Week annually.

On the subject of spectacular stuff, run - do not simply walk - to a record store (presuming you can actually find one) or to some place of otherwise limited utility such as Best Buy (I bought my copy there yesterday for only $9.99!) - and pick yourself up a copy of John Hiatt's new CD, "Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns". There is not a weak track out of the eleven. Next month we shall mark the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan and killed thousands of people. The final track on Hiatt's new disc is called, "When New York Had Her Heart Broke" It is worth a listen....or ten.

And continuing to speak of spectacular stuff (for those out there such as Obes who think I speak only of those things that infuriate me), I offer up the example of Leonard Pope. In the interests of full disclosure, I did not know who he was until I read fellow CU alum (he introduces me exactly the same way) Rick Reilly's piece on A lot of ink - both actual and virtual - is spent bemoaning the lesser lights from the world of professional sports. Pope is among the brightest. Locked out from his gig as a NFL player, how did he spend his unexpected summer vacation? Saving a drowning child, that's how. And I learned (as you shall when you read Reilly's piece on him) that being a superhero at a backyard gathering is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Leonard Pope. A mountain of a man with a heart big enough to not simply power him but to improve the lot of the lives of those around him.

I reckon that I shall quit now for the day. I am quite confident that if I stay here any longer I shall think of something that really chafes me and I would hate to poison this well of good feeling that I am drinking from this morning.

See you tomorrow.


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