Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Closing The Gap

My mind, such at it is, works in mysterious ways. If this is anything other than your first go-round at this particular rodeo, then you know that firsthand. Attempt to find the rhyme or the reason in what is written here on any given day. I double-dog dare you. If logic is what you seek, then you need to visit the Connecticut Kenny. I do. Every day.

Proof of the manner in which my mind works - or does not - popped up just the other day. During Rob's abbreviated August Eastern adventure he and I had a brief conversation that made me think of another conversation he and I had. A conversation we had not during this trip but during one he made home more than a year ago. Rob had come home in May 2010 for Suzanne's Graduate School graduation party. As the evening wound down and we made our way into the garage for the "Cigars and Guitars" portion of the program, Rob and I had a conversation about youth, age and one's relative place in the universe. He seemed genuinely amazed that way back when - when I was roughly the age that he is now - I went from being a single man to a husband and father of two. And did so all in the course of an afternoon. That evening - fifteen months ago or so - Rob looked at me trying to figure out how - when I was his age - I knew how and with whom I wanted to live the rest of my life.

Such a conversation is a difficult one to have with anyone - even (or perhaps especially) with one's son. The cliche about having to walk a mile in one's shoes seems particularly prescient at such a time. About the only explanation I could give him as to how I knew what I knew when I knew it was that I had been much older when I was his age than he is now. Pretty lame I suppose. If Cop Out was a kingdom, I would rule over all that I can see.

Anyway, a couple of Friday nights ago as we were saying our goodbyes to Rob and Jess at The River House, he and I had a very brief conversation that brought back to the forefront of my mind's eye our conversation of last summer. Although our conversation two Friday nights ago was too brief - as such a conversation always seems to be - I came away from it with the very distinct impression that even if he has not yet covered the full mile, he has headed out on his journey. And his are purposeful steps.

And thinking about that recent conversation, it occcurs to me that the distance between the age I was when I was his age and the age that he is now has shortened up considerably.

I wonder if he even realizes just how much ground he has covered. A conversation for another time I reckon.


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