Saturday, July 30, 2011

Worms & Other Delicacies

I have known my entire life that my brother Bill is a better person than I am. If you do not know the two of us, then accept as true that I do and am in a better place to judge such a thing than you are. If you happen to know both of us, then not only are you truly blessed by good fortune but you also happen to possess the requisite knowledge to attest to the veracity of that statement. I was reminded of it again yesterday morning.

I spent a blissfully small piece of my Friday morning getting blood work done, which work had been the request/suggestion of the doctor with whom I spent a bit of my Thursday morning. The place I went, LabCorp, has a facility located less than five minutes from my office. I arrived there at 6:45 a.m. in anticipation of their 7:00 a.m. opening. I made it to the door of their lobby expecting to be greeted by a locked door. I was instead greeted by the realization that I was Customer #5. Given that the aggregate age of the quartet who beat me to the joint was (conservatively speaking) 335, I was happy to see that the lobby layout afforded the two women who worked at the front desk unfettered visual access of all of its seats. It assuaged my fear that one of these oldsters would drop waiting his/her turn and unable to make eye contact with their seat, the pair of Cracker Jacks behind the counter would not leapfrog them to get to an actual living, breathing customer. Better yet, all four of them - including the delightful little 91 year-old who helped me locate the office within the building, were in the upright and locked position when it was their turn to be served and each received whatever service it was they had come there in search of.

The staff moved with such metronomic precision that I was out the door and back in my car by 7:15. And I even got a Garfield band-aid to cover my wound and stanch my blood flow:

I know (only because he has mentioned it here and we have had other conversations about it) that Bill endures medical appointments with physicians in various disciplines as part of his day-to-day. The principal difference between the two of us is that he soldiers on quietly and deals with it like a responsible adult whereas I - who never goes to the doctor for any reason and who in fact does not even have a doctor to call my own - whine like a small child. Fortunately I think I have now completed my tour of North American (OK, more like North Jersey) medical facilities for a while.

I was more than a little impressed by how many Gray Panthers were in the house as it were in the wee small hours of the morning. I am used to seeing people line up early for important stuff such as the purchase of concert tickets or everything oversized at Costco. But this group channeled its inner early bird for an important reason: their health. And they did not push or shove or elbow one another in an effort to improve their place in line. They simply waited their turn, took care of their business and exited in route to the rest of their day. It was almost refreshing to witness.

A nice big box of chocolates....

....and not a stinker in the bunch.


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