Monday, July 25, 2011

Simply Sad

To begin with, let me say that I am a person who neither was nor was not a fan of Amy Winehouse's music.  Rather, I knew nothing of it.  The only song I can state with certainty that I know she recorded and I heard was "Rehab".   A song that was quite excellent - at least to my ear.  A song that sadly was more than merely sensational.  It was - in part at least - autobiographical. 

Amy Winehouse died on Saturday.  She was twenty-seven years old.  As of this writing, a cause of death had not been declared by officials in England.  The on-line world has been ablaze since news of her death first broke with speculation of which of her vices - or what combination of them - killed her.  Writers wrote of her membership in a sad, star-studded group known as "The 27 Club".  A club that on Saturday inducted another member.

Before she was a music sensation, before she was an Internet punch line, she was someone's daughter.  And on Saturday, her parents encountered a parent's worst fear:  they outlived their child.  As a parent, while I neither know nor shall likely ever meet the parents who she left behind, they have my empathy.  Us in the parenting game share a common fear.  A fear that stalks all of us regardless of where we live, the language we speak or our religious persuasion. On Saturday that fear - the worst of the worst - was realized for Mr. and Mrs. Winehouse.

Her death is their loss. And for that they have not only my empathy but my sympathy.


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