Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Forward Always

We shall know by day's end if the Magic Karma ride of Abby Wambach and her Sisters of Soul shall continue on to the finals of the Women's World Cup.  Sunday's extra-time miracle seems as if it occurred about a million minutes ago now.  Today the United States National Team plays France in semi-finals and other than presuming that our women are tougher than their opponents (we have Hope Solo and they are....well, French) I know nothing about them.  I know not whether we are favored to win.  I know that in large part what made the Miracle on Ice what it has been for the past thirty-one plus years was the fact that in the Olympic Hockey Team completed the dance and defeated Finland to win the gold medal.  Sunday's game against Brazil was the biggest game ever for our National Team.....right up until the opening kickoff today.  Then not so much.  Life is lived in but one direction.  That direction is not reverse.

Proof of that from closer to home as well.  The always-inspiring Eric LeGrand is at it again.  One week ago, via Twitter, he reported that he is, "moving the arms little by little."   Considering where he was only nine short months ago when he was prone on the turf in East Rutherford's PSL Stadium, the journey he has taken to date has been remarkable.  But what fuels him and inspires other is his recognition of the fact that he has much more ground to cover and his inviolate belief that he shall.  A young man absolutely living his life forward.  And reminding the rest of us to do likewise.  The power of PMA....horn section included at no extra cost.

And proof recently as well from the Alma mater - courtesy of a young man who knows that living forward does not require one to forget from whence he came.  Former Buff Tyler Polumbus now earns his living in the NFL as an offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks.  Last week Polumbus - ably assisted by some of his football-playing cohorts - hosted a one-day football camp in Boulder.  A camp whose participants are not likely to have their names found on Mel Kiper's big board or someone's 5-Star watch list or some such other nonsense.  The campers with whom Tyler and his crew spent their Thursday are all developmentally disabled.  The camp was sponsored by Tyler's Kids Outreach, a non-profit organization that created for kids.  When asked about the camp and the time he and his fellow pros spent teaching football fundamentals to their charges, Polumbus said, "I'm in a position where I can give back. We get more out of it than they do."   And if you do not believe that to be true, then do yourself the great service of watching the video that the Daily Camera posted on its web site with the story.  It is roughly ninety seconds long, which is more than enough time to confirm that the big fella says what he means and he means what he says. 

Further illustration of the point that life is not measured best by the number of breaths taken but by the moments that take that breath away.... 

....and Abby if it is not too much to ask, then perchance might you and your crew conjure up another one of those breathtaking moments today?



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