Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creatures Great and Small

It has been a fun-filled week for all creatures great and small, ceramic and otherwise.  In the interest of completing the dance as it were vis-a-vis Cowboy Joe and the Pearl Street Pig, I am saddened to report that the earnest young folks from Save The Pearl Street Pig's bid to buy Porky came up short.  At the private auction that was held on June 28, someone other than Nick Quinlan and his band of merry men (and women no doubt) took home the ceramic pig that formerly occupied the space on the Pearl Street Mall.  Not succeeding is not always the same thing as failing.  Here, this group of (mostly) kids was energized by their mission to preserve something that they hold dear.  While their mission was not accomplished, their interest was genuine and their undertaking was heartfelt.  Passion need not be directed at one thing only during one's lifetime.  Boulder - and hell pretty much everywhere else - will be well-served if Mr. Quinlan and his cohorts continue to bring that type of energy to their future endeavors. 

On a personal note, I have opted against breaking the bad news to Joe.   He was pretty excited when I told him a couple of weeks ago about the efforts to save the Pig whose company he enjoyed so much during his Boulder adventure a couple of summers back.  If he remembers to ask me about his porcine companion, and the results of the auction, then I will tell him.  Otherwise, I - much like the Pearl Street Pig - shall not squeal.

Ceramic pigs never squeal.  And diamondback terrapins never deviate from their travel plans.  This past week, traffic at New York's JFK Airport was temporarily slowed down (more so than usual) by the migratory pattern of turtles.  Apparently, every year at or about the last week of June the turtles who live in Jamaica Bay, which borders Kennedy Airport, cross Runway 4L to get to the sandy spots on the other side of it and hunker down to lay their eggs. 

Pilots and air traffic controllers have come to accept it as a rite of Summer and both groups seem relatively nonplussed by their presence.  Kudos to Port Authority spokesman John Kelly for this gem, which he gave in an interview to the New York Post, "The sandy spot on the other side of Runway 4L is ideal for egg laying.  It is a naturally provided turtle maternity ward. When your airport is virtually surrounded by water, your neighbors sometimes come in the hard shell variety."  (Apropos of nothing, the Post announced that in Monday's paper is shall run an apology to former IMF Chair Dominique Strauss-Kahn as a result of its front-page story that the turtles crossed the runway to escape his unwanted sexual advances)

For years, man has wondered why the chicken crosses the road.  While the chicken remains an enigma, its reptilian counterpart is not.  Hell, those hard-shelled little bastards may be more like us bipeds than we realize.   All they are doing after all is trying to get to the beach for their summer vacation.  Who among us here in the Tri-State Area has not attempted a similar journey at least one time in our own lives?  A world in which turtles and humans live in peace, side-by-side, happy together is a Utopia we can all wrap our heads and hearts around; isn't it?  A place where the skies are blue and the planes - well at least some of them - are too. 

What a wonderful world that would be.....

.....shoot me - I cannot resist one last look at Joe riding off into the sunset on the back of his faithful stallion

Yippee ki yay


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