Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Toast to Forever

Two years ago today, Suzanne Bozzomo died.  She was the center of her family's universe.  Her death broke her daughter's heart.  I know this firsthand for her daughter is my wife.  Two years further on up the road, Margaret's heart remains broken.  While I suppose it has healed a bit by this time, I do not know that for certain.  And there are many days I do not suspect that to be true. 

It was my great honor to have had the chance to get to make the acquaintance of my mother-in-law during my lifetime.  She was an extraordinary woman.  The family she loved with all of her heart who loved her right back with all of theirs misses her terribly.  Today will be an incredibly difficult day for Margaret and for Joe and for Frank.  It will be brutal as well for my kids and for their cousins - the grand kids who miss their Nona. 

Will the year come when June 2 does not appear on the calendar as the year's most dreaded day?  Perhaps.  But it will not be this year.  I will hug those who need to be hugged and comfort them to the best of my limited ability.  Suzy B. was a force of nature.  Today is an impossibly difficult day because it is the day on the calendar that marks the anniversary of her death.  Yet every day, living the lives she helped them live, her family honors her life.  And her memory.

Today it hurts a bit more than usual.  Much more than just a bit actually.  We take on faith that tomorrow will be better.  Because love don't stop.  It goes on forever.  Even through the darkest of days....

....such as this one.


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