Friday, June 10, 2011

Slán agus go n-éirí an t-ádh libh

Among the many hats that I wear poorly, which is a bit of a surprise I guess in view of cranial circumference and all of that jazz, is that of "Uncle".  Between my five sibs and Margaret's brother Frank I have not less than a dozen and a half nieces and nephews (Do not hold me to an exact count.  I went to law school to elude mathematics.) and the only one I see on anything approaching a regular basis is Frank's son Frankie.....who happens to be my landscaper.  And who apropos of nothing does excellent work.  If you live in central New Jersey and need a landscaper, I will put you in touch with the boy entrepreneur.  You will be happy I did, I assure you.

Anyway - I am as bad at being an uncle as I am at pretty much every other interpersonal/familial task that has been assigned to me throughout the first four and one-half decades of my life.  I am fairly good at my job.  I am below average at pretty much everything else.  My perpetual failure at all things familial is what makes me happy to use this space today to wish congratulations and good luck to Jill's oldest Simone and Kara's middle man Randy as each graduates from high school this weekend.  Both of them are matriculating off to college in the autumn and I am confident that each has a very big future.  Biased?  Sure I am.  I have known their mothers my entire life and know the parental stock from which they have come (and truth be told - both of their fathers more than hold up their end of the bargain also) and the abilities with which they were imbued at birth. 

Simone will walk the walk this morning and Randy will follow suit on Sunday.  If I understood what Kara told me correctly, Mom will be here in the State of Concrete Gardens to enjoy one of her most favorite grandma activities two time over:  watch one of her grandchildren do absolutely anything. 

Life is a journey walked in an indeterminate number of steps.  Over the course of the next forty-eight hours or so, Simone and Randy shall each take a very important one.  Here's to them, their proud parents and doting Grandma.  Congratulations on the steps completed to date and good wishes for the ones yet to be taken.  Opportunity awaits both of them.  They must grab hold of it in their hands and fight like hell to never, ever let it go.

There is an old Irish saying , "If you are the only one who knows that you are afraid, you are brave.  Fortune favors the brave." 

So stay brave....


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