Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saving Bacon

Boulder Colorado is now as it has been since I first visited it in the Spring of 1985, one of my favorite places.  Not only did I have more fun than I likely should have - and certainly more than I could ever hope to remember (thanking the good people from SONY for having concentrated their techno efforts in the 1980's on the Walkman and NOT on the digital camera) - during my time there as an undergraduate, but I have enjoyed every visit back since.  There have not been many return trips but each holds a place in my heart.  And given that my body contains fewer liquid calories now than it did a quarter-century ago, each holds a firm place in my memory too.

Slightly more than a month ago in this space I wrote about having stumbled across a story in the Daily Camera documenting the demise of a store on the Pearl Street Mall.  The store is/was called "Paper Dolls" and as I acknowledged at the time, I have/had zero familiarity with the place.  Yet, courtesy of my fun-loving father-in-law Joe I have a very vivid recollection of the Pearl Street Pig, located outside of the establishment's front door.  Joe, proving himself to be every inch of a Brooklyn Cowboy, hopped on Porky and rode it like a champ while we were in Colorado on our great migration West in July of Aught-Nine:

In Monday's Daily Camera I stumbled across yet another story about the Pearl Street Pig.  Apparently with the store having closed its doors forever, the Pig is to be sold by the store's owners through a silent auction at month's end.  Well, not so fast!  Boulder being Boulder, a group has been created whose purpose could not be swiner (I meant to write "finer") or more noble:  Save the Pearl Street Pig.  The Camera  in Monday's edition referred to the group, which has a website (   as, "A group of college students who grew up in Boulder is soliciting donations in an attempt to save the Paper Doll's iconic pig."

Their goal?  The preservation of the pig in the public space for the community to enjoy.

I know not whether their efforts will be successful but being a sucker for an underdog (or "underpig" I guess) I am rooting hard for them.  I communicated via e-mail with a couple of the folks who are apparently in charge of putting this effort together on behalf of the Pig and at the request of a fellow named Nick Quinlan, I sent him the link to my May 20 blog so that he could reprint an excerpt of what I wrote there here along with a photo of my father-in-law simply enjoying the hell out of himself during his ride on the Pig. 

Above the West entrance to Norlin Library on the Boulder campus is an excerpt from a charge that CU President George Norlin gave to a graduating class at CU.  During our trip West in Aught-Nine I managed to get a picture of it as well (albeit not as nice a shot as occupies June on the Forever Buffs 2011 Calendar):

"Who knows only his own generation remains always a child."  Who takes the time to enjoy life's simple pleasures, such as a well-placed Pig in an open air mall, remains always young at heart.  It is truly a distinction with a difference.  A difference as obvious as the smile on a seventy-eight year-old man's face.


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