Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Lullaby of Disenchantment

"Ain't that the way it always starts.  A simple round of conversation.  Became a shameful equation.  I flipped you station to station."

No, the four pack of lines that comprise the preceding paragraph are not from any of the now interminable number of faux apologies/explanations that Congressman Anthony (I Am What My Name Says I Am) Weiner has offered since he was caught with his pants down, virtually and otherwise.  They are the opening verse to Dave Grohl's homage to his hometown of Alexandria, Virginia on "Wasting Light", which is the latest release by The Foo Fighters.  Among the things I care about not at all is what others spend their money on and since I receive no income from Mr. Grohl's musical endeavors, recommending to you to spend a bit of your money on "Wasting Light" puts no coin in my pocket.  Trust me on this:  if you buy it, you shall be happy you did.  Mr. Grohl will be also.  Parenthetically, my apathy towards you and your personal consumerism will remain unchanged. 

In the interests of full disclosure it is not simply another's personal consumerism about which I am generally apathetic.  I was reminded again on Friday that I just do not play well in the sandbox with everyone else.  I had forgotten that a few months ago one of the female associates at the Firm gave birth to her first child.  The attorney in question is a person with whom I have zero professional and little personal interaction but I was happy to hear - upon the baby's arrival here on the Big Blue Marble - that both newbie and Mommy were healthy and happy.  Upon hearing the news whenever the big day actually happened, I promptly forgot about it (meaning the birth), the baby and the attorney's ascension into motherhood.  No one lives the credo of "out of sight, out of mind" quite like yours truly apparently.

Friday was apparently "Bring Your Crying Baby To Work" Day - at least in Parsippany.  The attorney/mother has not returned to work yet (apparently) but in anticipation of her return shortly after the 4th of July she came into the office to take the "stroller tour".  And much like Iowans drawn to a baseball diamond carved out of a mythical cornfield, people came from all corners of the office to see the baby.  By all accounts, he is very healthy - although judging by the amount of wailing he did while positioned less than fen feet from the door or my office his happiness is very much at issue. 

Conspicuous by his absence from the throng who found the magnetic pull of the stroller impossible to resist was a fellow who likes quite a bit like me.  Huge surprise; right?  Color me jaded that I do not think it is appropriate to descend upon a place of business toting an infant.  A woman was pregnant.  The woman gave birth.  Is it surprising to some degree that the offspring is a little human?  Of course not.  Why therefore the game of office show and tell is necessary - let alone considered to be appropriate - eludes me.  I recognize my position in the minority on this issue. Being a conscientious objector is not always easy. 

But what else is a boy to do?



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