Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi Ho

Timing is everything I suppose.  As I was giving some consideration on Sunday to things about which I might write this morning, I took a second or two to soak in an observation shared by someone I have known since high school in response to something I wrote on Sunday.  He apparently reads what is written here from time to time - or at least he did for the first time on Sunday - and his take on what I wrote was both concise and not inaccurate, "you are grumpy."   Not always Obes but from time to time, indeed I am. 

Life is about perspective.  This space is the mechanism I employ to keep those things that interest me, irritate me, exhilarate me and infuriate me from knocking around within the four walls of my enormous, over sized head.  I appreciate that it might be difficult for anyone who ever reads this space to believe but what appears here does so solely for me.  Selfish?  You bet.  Apologetic?  Nope.  I am who I am.  Change is not on my "to do" list. 

I know not whether anyone actually keeps such a list.  If you do and among the things you enjoy as an entertainment is going to the movies, then invest a couple of hours at "Super 8".  Margaret and I went to see it on Friday night.  It was two hours well spent.  An absolutely entertaining, popcorn movie.  The kids who are the leads in it were all terrific and as someone who enjoyed Kyle Chandler's work as Coach Eric Taylor on "Friday Night Lights", getting to see him in another role in which he was simply outstanding was joyful as well.  The movie is set in 1979 and the group of kids who serve as its center are a crew of 13 and 14 year-olds.  I was a bit younger than that in '79 but their day-to-day was not too different from my own.  Simply terrific stuff.  If you elect to spend a bit of your money and your time on it, I do not think you will regret the decision. 

The Missus and I spent Saturday in Atlantic City.  Margaret is a Michael Buble fan.  Other than knowing that he is a young man who sings Sinatra-style music I know nothing about him.  But considering that Margaret has not only accompanied me to too many races to count both across New Jersey as well as out of state and has also come with me to dozens of Springsteen concerts, taking in an occasional concert of a performer who she loves regardless of my level of knowledge of or interest in the artist's music is really not a great sacrifice.  Atlantic City is a toilet.  But the concert was terrific.  Mr. Buble is quite an energetic performer.  He sold out Boardwalk Hall, which seats 11,000 people and I think he sent everyone (including those of us who had no idea what to expect) home happy. 

Between Buble's performance, the utterly epic black bean soup at Cuba Libre that I enjoyed for dinner and the company of the woman who I was lucky enough to be smart enough to marry just about eighteen years ago, it was one hell of a way to spend a Saturday.  

It was such a nice, relaxing Saturday that we celebrated by sleeping in on Sunday.  Did not marry feet and floor until 8:30.  We drove home - traffic notwithstanding - all smiles.  Nice to remind myself that I am not always Grumpy......

.....some days, I suppose, I am just Sleepy.


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