Thursday, June 9, 2011

Genies and Bottles

Was sitting down to write this when it occurred to me that today is my Mom/Dad's anniversary, which given that he has been dead for thirty years may or may not be a day that Mom still marks on her mental Rolodex.  It is a question that I have never asked her and never would.  'Tis simply not my business.  They were husband and wife long before they were my parents.  As the tail gunner in a family of six, they were parents long before they were my parents.  Whether or how she marks the day I know not.  However she does is entirely appropriate as far as I am concerned.  I only wish I knew what number they would be marking today - had Dad lived to see it.  My recollection is that when he died in May 1981 they were nine days away from their 31st anniversary but given  my propensity to be wrong about countless things, color me "not surprised" if I have erred yet again.

The amusing thing to me about human beings is the inability of certain of our species to learn from the mistakes of others of our species.  To me it reinforces my personal belief that we are who we are at our core and while our behavior may fluctuate, adjust and adapt over time, who we are at our core is who we are.  Human beings are animals after all.  Animals are creatures of habit.  We possess of course the ability to learn.  Yet when the going gets tough, too often to count do we see an otherwise smart member of our tribe do something inane or ill-advised.  And sadly too often to count we learn while combing through the wreckage of that individuals life that both the behavior and the response were all too predictable.  He was simply doing what he always does.  We just happened to be part of the expanded audience.

It has been one hell of a couple of weeks for New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose surname has become a case study in the endless conflict between coincidence and irony.  I have no sympathy for him.  The mess he has made is of his own creation as a result of (a) his behavior; and (b) his refusal to own up to what he had done when the story first broke about him tweeting his petey all around the town.  For a man who invested so much time, effort and energy to selling females who he did not know on the notion of what a man he was - allegedly going as far as to offer proof of Anthony and Little Tony in the altogether to at least one woman - his blustery denial of what he had done and his refusal to act like a man when the wheels started to come off was galling.  His faux apology on Monday appeared to be the actions of a man sorry not for what he had done but for the fact that he had been exposed as a liar, a fool and an imbecile.

He turned a story that likely would have gone away in due course has he simply answered, "Yes" the first time he was asked about his on-line activities into a moment that will define the rest of his career and possibly (cue the melodramatic music) the rest of his life.  He deserves what he gets and he gets what he deserves.  If only he had given a moment's consideration to what he was doing to his wife and how little she appears to deserve anything she has gotten - and shall undoubtedly continue to get - relative to this incident.  If only.

The best news Congressman Weiner received all week?  The Colorado State Police recovered his Ford Excursion SUV:

Just kidding.  Dopey bastard could not be that lucky.  It is, of course, not his car.  Judging from the inscription on the rear windshield, it is not a good week to be wearing Dave's shoes either; eh? 


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