Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Although the Summer Solstice is essentially thirty days away, this is - by popular acclaim - the final week of least unofficially.  This time next week a whole lot of us shall be off for the day.  Whether we take the time to reflect upon the fact that our three-day weekend's place on the calendar is actually a day denoted as "Memorial Day" and what that truly means is - sadly - a personal choice.  I hope that however you spend Monday next, you take a moment to recall what the day is all about.

I will spend a little piece of the long weekend running in a couple of races - my first such ventures wearing a bib since I crossed the finish line at the New Jersey Marathon on May 1.  Thursday night Suzanne is going to join Gidg and me in taking another crack at The Legal Runaround.  The Runaround is a 5K race that takes place in Somerville - beginning and ending in the immediate vicinity of the Somerset County Courthouse.  All three of us ran in it last year.  It was a race that began in sunlight and ended under pitch black skies belching torrents of rain as a companion to claps of thunder and flashes of lightning.  Not fun.  It has been said that lightning does not strike in the same place.  Thus far the long-term forecast for Thursday looks pretty spotty at best.  Here is to hoping that we do not have to run on Thursday night hoping that cliche contains more than just a kernel of truth.

Last Memorial Day weekend was spent in Colorado with Rob.  Not this year.  Friday night the Missus and me shall head down the Shore.  Saturday morning Gidg and I running in the Spring Lake Five - a five-mile race that is apparently an intimate gathering of ten thousand runners or so.  I have never participated in it before and am looking forward to doing so very much.  As of last night, the forecast for Saturday looked fairly lousy also.  Here is to hoping that the outlook gets better as the week goes on.  Happiness is not running five miles in the pouring rain. 

Then again, considering that Saturday May 21 was - in some circles - supposed to be the End of Days, if Saturday May 28 dawns rainy all in all it will not be that big a deal; right?


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